Sony VPL-VW100 HD Ready Projector

The projector is one of a handful around that can actually display a full 1080p Hi-Def image. The 1080p format is the IMAX of the HD world, as it produces the best possible images. It's also going to be the standard output format for games running on Sony's PS3 console.

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sevenout4154d ago

This projector is very, very, good for it's price range, but it ain't no IMAX :) It suffers from relatively poor brightness, hence why it's cheaper than the RUBY projector; this projector's progenitor. I must say though, watching any of these new 1080p projectors is as good as watching in a theater (currently). This will change in the future when the movie theaters switch over to digital as well.

Dragonopolis4154d ago

This is a good site for front projector reviews as well as flat panel TVs.

I believe Epson has a better 1080p front projector than the above model and comes in at a cool $3000.

I believe is the best low cost 1080p front projector on the market right now and is the only HDMI 1.3 front projection (not that there is much use for it at this moment but does future proof it - PS3 owners might care). If your willing to shell out money in the $4000 - $6000 range look toward Panasonic, Mitsubishi, or JVC which are other brand names known for great front projection even rivaling Sony.