Interview for Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII

Interview and Magazine scans.

The Level magazine discussed with two persons in charge for the development for the project Fabula Nova Crystallis (the new account of the Latin crystal) at Square Enix: Motomu Toriyama (realizer) and Tetsuya Nomura (realizer and character designer). Revealed information is not scoops, but has the merit to specify our thought on what awaits us.

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I am unable to get the link for the translated version of the interview. Google only gives me the link for the news headline page in English.
I got it to work just click on the ALTERNATIVE SOURCE LINK.

Violater4575d ago

The Level magazine discussed with two persons in charge for the development for the project Fabula Nova Crystallis ( the new account of the Latin crystal) at Square Enix : Motomu Toriyama (realizer) and Tetsuya Nomura (realizer and character designer). Revealed information is not scoops, but has the merit to specify our thought on what awaits us.

For recall, Fabula Nova Crystallis is the name of the new project of Public garden-Enix, which will include several plays: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PS3, Final Fantasy Agito XIII on portable telephone and Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII whose platform is still unknown.

. The general concept of Confabulated Novas Crystallis

Motomu Toriyama: The development of the three plays (FFXIII, FF Versus XIII and Agito XIII) started at the same time, moment when sought we to them a common guiding principle. Consequently, each team worked independently one of the other. Each play thus evolves/moves with its way and the worlds which we create, just as the characters, are completely different according to plays'. To be clear, there is truly no bond between these titles.

Tetsuya Nomura: If it is not perhaps the initial topic of the crystal... and still.

. Final Fantasy XIII

Level: How were you implied in a so great project?

Toriyama: We completely had to re-examine our way of working. There are of course the crystals which define Final Fantasy and projects XIII, but each play has its own orientation (characters, history, world). Although Nomura created Lightning (heroin of FFXIII), it remains our character.

Level: Who is it exactly?

Toriyama: I cannot say much of it to you, if it is not that it is kind to like that it is called Lightning, that it is a woman, and that it very far from resembling Yuna (Final Fantasy X).

Level: 10 years ago, Final Fantasy VII became a true symbol for PlayStation. In will it be the same with Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3?

Toriyama: Final Fantasy VII was an important chapter in the history of PlayStation. The play completely changed the way of seeing RPG and founded new tendencies. Final Fantasy VII mixed the topics with the fantasy with futurism, and we are making the same thing with Final Fantasy XIII. Except that for this opus, we mélangons a new type of fantasy with futuristic elements never yet seen before. The PS3 is really interesting: once that you maitrisez it, the result becomes incredible and what we carry out could not be done without the PS3.

Level: It thus acts well of a meeting Fantasy and Science fiction?

Toriyama: The preceding time, we were largely influenced byAsia for Final Fantasy X. We want this time to show something of completely different. The futuristic topic will be thorough with its paroxysm, and FFXIII will be a true definition. How you will see will never have been made before!

Level: You work at Square Enix for a long time now, but it is the first time that a so large project Final Fantasy is entrusted to you? Do you manage to manage the pressure?

Toriyama: The difference between the side projects (projects with share) and the projects Final Fantasy of the series, those with the figures, is not so important. I must conclude this project but I have the same optics of work as on Final Fantasy XII Wings Ghost for example (RPG on Nintendo DS). The pressure most difficult to manage is without any doubt that of outside. Many people see Final Fantasy XIII as the play which will decide success of the PS3. For my part, I cannot allow myself to think of that, we had much time to prepare our play and from now on we work with full mode.

Level: Concerning will the graphic performances, in what FFXIII be a play next-gen?

Toriyama: Graphics do not do all, but one cannot deny their importance for the experiment of play as a whole. The technical evolution enables us to create characters so realistic that the player will have the impression that they are true alive people. That adds an undeniable emotional side to the play, until in the combat where you will consider your characters and will feel their feelings like never before. To make simple, when you play Final Fantasy XIII, you do not control any more one simple character modelled in 3d but almost a real being.

. Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Nomura: I for a long time wanted to carry out Final Fantasy completely different from what the producer wanted. It is not a question to compare the ideas of one or other, it are not good or bad, but different. I always wanted to explore the human emotions for a play. It is a risked bet, because you limit the target of the play whereas Final Fantasy address generally to a large audience. Final Fantasy Versus XIII sounds the hour to take such a risk. The scenario not being finished yet, I do not know a this fact until where I will go. The characters will deliver all their humanity letting truly the player feel the character in all the body.

Level: You said to want to carry out Final darkest Fantasy ever created...

Nomura: When I produced Kingdom Hearts, the universe was so clear that I failed to become blind. It is time for me to pass to another thing. Perhaps that has it something to see with my taste for the extreme things. Versus XIII will put in scene a man in the real world. In this direction, the play will contain less fantasy that usually. We created rather dark environments and revealed them in our bands advertisements, but the whole of the play will not be kind, it is only the beginning.

Level: You about real world, do you insinuate speak our world in an immediate future?

Nomura: I do not want that the characters of the play have the air manufactured, this is why their design passes above all by the fact of insufflating more humanity to them. They must be perceived like human beings, like somebody that you and me would have met in the street. The world of Versus XIII unquestionably points out it our. It is not a question to be inspired by existing places or people but rather to give a certain credibility to the places and characters of the play, as if you see them in your daily newspaper. I wanted to make of this concept an experiment of Final Fantasy : such is in any case the challenge that I was given!

Level: Here thus the way in which you will exploit the power of the PS3?

The PS3 is a so powerful machine that the technical possibilities have a great influence on the design of the play and with the final one, on the total experiment of play. I cannot deliver all the details of my ideas to you but the majority of those could not beings not realized with the consoles of the preceding generation.

With believing these last declarations of them, it seems not very probable to see these two titles becoming multimedia...

Expy4575d ago

It's the exact same interview posted a week ago or so, but in French.

Bonsai12144575d ago

the thing that excites me the most is where he says you'll essentially be controlling a real person, not a 3d model.. mmm... next level of immersion.

DJ4575d ago

positive remarks about the PS3 architecture. I can't wait to see what they've been accomplishing over the past year.

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