3D is the future of gaming, say Ubisoft

Critical Gamer Writes: There are strong rumours that the most successful home console on the planet, the Wii, is soon to embrace the brave new world of HD graphics. It surely won't be long before the majority of gamers are playing their games in High Definition; but what's the next step in Bigger Better More graphics?

According to Ubisoft, the inevitable next step is 3D. Their James Cameron's Avatar tie in, while it doesn't require a 3DTV to play, will be the first mainstream PS3 and Xbox 360 game to fully support the technology's 3D imaging. Brand manager for the game in the UK, Phil Brannelly, told us in our interview that 3D is definitely the future for games. He even went so far as to say "In the future, we'll be saying to our grand-kids 'I remember playing games in 2D' and they'll just tell us to shut up!"

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Mondayding3435d ago

Yeah, and in the future we'll all be driving hover cars or using jet packs to get to work. And everyone will be going to the feelies and using soma.

Believe it when I see it

unknown_gamer3435d ago

Agree I don't think 3D games are the future

ColdFire3435d ago

3D gaming is not the future, it is old. I like it on single player, but it's not so great on multiplayer. Games with simple art styles work best with it from the ones I have played.

It is not the most amazing thing ever, and it certainly is not new. ANY PC game can be played in 3d easily.

MNicholas3434d ago

- No headaches
- No glasses
- Effective at multiple simultaneous viewing angles

Venatus-Deus3434d ago

It's never worked for me in the past but things are looking promising.

TotalPS3Fanboy3434d ago

that's 3D, and that's the future.

Jim Crikey3434d ago

Wow, an Aldous Huxley reference? There ARE one or two people on N4G with brains!!

glennc3434d ago

the future is virtual reality (just like it was 20 years ago but we weren't ready for it). 3d is just one aspect. i can see interesting uses for Xbox360 Natal in the future.

kaveti66163434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

You all should be a little more positive about it.

70 years ago, most scientists believed that Vacuum tubes were always going to be used in computers and electronics. And when transistors were first created, they sucked bawls. They didn't work very well and they made more noise than tubes and most companies that created consumer-related products thought tubes would last forever.

Flash forward to today. Transistors have been refined. All the major problems are gone. There are around 500 million transistors in computer chips of this era, and the number will continue to rise.

Where are vacuum tubes? In novelty radio equipment? Yeah, their time is done.

Have the same optimism for 3D gaming. Right now it looks lame, it doesn't look promising, and many of you will list a handful of flaws that spell doom for it, but have some self-respect. Don't count yourself in the group of naysayers. Because if the heads of the industry are telling you flat out that this is the future of gaming, then at least be open to the idea. I am willing to bet that as time passes by and people adapt to newer forms of television technology, 3D gaming and viewing of other media will take off.

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scruffy_bear3435d ago

There I've said it, I don't care about 3D gaming I just care about great games

Mista T3435d ago

unless they make 3d to where you don't need the glasses then I don't care about 3d

scruffy_bear3435d ago

That's my biggest problem with 3D, I hate the glasses

Fishy Fingers3435d ago

True they are annoying, although the new clear lenses are a long way from the "gold ol days" of red and blue films. But I dont see away around them, at least without some serious advances in the tech.

I must admit, a while ago I was completely against the idea of 3D but having seen a few new movies and the Avatar trailer in 3D at the cinema I'm far more open to it.

sikbeta3434d ago

Totally AGREE with you, that's the main problem when we talk about 3D

Briefcase Joe3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

If they give me the option of playing in 2D, I don't really care if, in the future, every game can be played in 3D. If I'm forced to play in 3D, I'll be super pissed.

Veneno3435d ago

When I play Uncharted 2 I sit super close to my big "40 LCD. It really does make you feel like your in the game world! I can't wait to see what Sony has done with this. I know it will be amazing.

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