Shadowrun (XBox 360) Review

The guys at dive deep into FASA Studio's latest title for the XBox 360 and find out if it's worth the price of admission in their full review of Shadowrun.

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Rhezin4569d ago

its true it's so addictive and fun! and btw the episode of Sopranos tonight was OMG, the HEAT IS OOONNN

tehcellownu4569d ago

to bad this game flopped everywhere..

predator4569d ago

it hasnt, were did u hear that from, this game is so much fun online its mad

Uganda644569d ago

8.5? 8.5?
That's about 6.5 points too high.

uuuunvnv24569d ago

If he had played it he would have never wrote that. everyone that i have played with said that this game is better than the halo beta. This is the first site to get the score right. It's so much fun, and such a fresh game that I honesty dont know how you cant like it if your in to FPS. Great Great Game !!!!

BubblesDAVERAGE4569d ago

Arent they mad at MS for some reason or another....

gogators4569d ago

it only lacks enough game modes and environments. It's good to see people commenting on game that they don't have, never will have, and have never had any interest in ever having.

The game plays well enough and has a good group of gamers from what my friends have said so far. Now that they are done, FASA can go to work on Mech Assault and Crimson Skies.

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The story is too old to be commented.