EA CCO states that Spore will need to sell in the millions to make profit

Gamasutra interviews Bing Gordon,the executive vice president of EA.

"Gamasutra:Is it going to take a lot for Spore to become profitable, given the million-year development time?

WG: Yeah, it needs to sell in the millions and last a few years to pay back the investment. But you know, we were probably going to spend the money on something. It might as well be on Spore!

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assjacket4741d ago

This game is taking so long to come out, I might not be interested when it finally does. When Spore was announced I thought it was the coolest game I'd ever seen, now it's years later and I kinda don't care anymore.

ngg123454741d ago

Over 30 million $'s to make this game due to them needing to sell millions to make profit. I wonder how much this will cost ea to make?

BubblesDAVERAGE4741d ago

Im not even remotly inerested in this game...

BitbyDeath4741d ago

Good, well they better port it to PS3 & 360 then if they're wanting to sell more copies and not a dumbed down version either or i won't buy it