Sony Hiring For God of War 3 Team?

Join the God of War team!

Sony PlayStation®: Sr. Technical Artist
Santa Monica, California

The Senior Technical Artist works as a bridge between the art and programming staff. Individuals in this role are generalists, excellent communicators, with strong problem solving skills, and with a respect for aesthetics. Candidates can be from an art, design, mathematics, engineering or science background; however they must demonstrate a comfort level in working with both art and science. Working with programming/technical staff the Senior Technical Artist ensures that CG assets are easily integrated into the game engine without sacrificing artistic integrity.

Senior Technical Artists will be expected to understand how game play and architecture issues can affect content creation and successfully develop workflows to compensate for such limitations on artistic content.


Researching and developing new art tools, processes, and technologies for production of real-time game artwork.
Designing, implementing and maintaining art production paths using both off-the-shelf and proprietary software.
Authoring, maintaining and customizing scripts for production team.
Troubleshoot problems in pipeline and for individuals on as-needed basis.
Creating proof-of-concept files for game art, effects, and animations.
Creating training files, examples, text and tutorials and assisting art staff in learning new technologies and processes.
Testing and evaluating new internal and off the shelf software tools and technologies for real-time artwork development.
Reviewing current and emerging technologies and technical developments for incorporation into the game engine.


They are also hiring for two other posistions for the God of War team. Check out the alternative links.

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PS360PCROCKS4576d ago

OoOoOooOoOoOoOoOo GOD OF WAR 3 MUST HAVE. God Of War is simply the greatest game ever lol. It's probably the most fun I have ever had on a console. Unless maybe you throw in duck hunt, the original Mario, Resident Evil I think 3, Gears Of War, and their is another but I cant think of it.

PS360PCROCKS4575d ago

what the hell how do you disagree with my god for like the fourth time today. This is so irritating if you disagree with me ATLEAST TELL ME WHY. Tell me a better game...

DJ4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

but maybe they're arguing for God of War II? The sequel was definitely better..

PS360PCROCKS4575d ago

Oh that makes sense I meant the series though. God of War the series is probably one of the best game franchises I have ever played...nothing beats it in sure fun factor.

tehcellownu4576d ago

they goin to need the space of god of war 3..

Bathyj4576d ago

My brother in law had never played GoW. Last week he got GoW2.

"Man that games so FKNing cool !" he told me.

"Der" I says. "Finish it and then go watch 300."

Bring on GoW3.

Robotz Rule4576d ago

The God Of War series is sweeter than chocolate!

Bring out God Of War III!:)

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