Wii still don't really know

Sales have exceeded expectations, many hardcore gamers have found it irresistible, and the Nintendo brand is once again synonymous with all-ages family-friendly fun.

But there is disquiet (and lessons to be learned) on the Wii software front, and not just because of the understandable and expected current new release drought (a problem which Xbox 360 experienced and is also seriously handicapping PS3).

Of far greater concern than barren release schedules is Wii's motion-sensing controls. The Wii-mote is the very reason why people are flocking to the system, yet 18 months after it was first unveiled we still are no closer to being able to honestly say whether motion-sensing is a gimmick or a revelation.

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Uganda644182d ago

What? The hardcore, outside of Nintendo devotees, hate this console. It's the very antithesis to all of hardcore gaming.

MK_Red4182d ago

I consider myself to be rather hardcore gamer but I still haTe Wii and Wiimote. I played Wii Sports and other games and all of them seemed at first really gimmicky and later obvious joyless. I dont understand Wii so for nem the whole thing is a gimmick.

dale14182d ago

played with wi system got bored as many others its like going back in time graphics wise gave it to my mom

Odion4181d ago

I agree with this statement 100% even Nintendo's titles like Mario Party 8 and Paper Mario barely use the Wii Mote

PS360WII4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Well I certainly enjoy the Wii. By far the coolest achievement in video gaming. It's got the bells and whistle of a straight up gaming platform. The Wii Remote is awesome for most gaming. I say most gaming because there is still a lot devs need to learn about it in order to make some really unique games for it. Right now it's not the best simply because it's still in the infant years. I also consider myself a hardcore gamer (I play em all - games that is) and saying such the Wii is essential for your gaming needs, but to be coy it's just as essential as 360 and PS3 are as well ^.- power to gaming!

socomnick4181d ago

Im guessing your a Nintendo devotee because only one could defend the wii its a mini game machine. No but honestly the one thing that bothers me alot about the wii is the ugly ugly visuals I got a new 50 inch hd tv and plugging playing wii games in hd is not a option.

PS360WII4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

Well I don't have a 50" but I do have a 42" plasma HDTV and I have the Wii hooked up to it and you know what? My eyes don't bleed when playing it. It looks bright and colorful and I do enjoy playing it on a much bigger screen than the standard tv's out there. Sure I like Nintendo products but that shouldn't stop the fact that the Wii is a pretty cool machine.

socomnick4181d ago

So long as you like it man have fun :(. I just wish Nintendo had gone the extra step and have a better graphics card.