Week recap: PS3 gain; Xbox 360 offers; Wii restock

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 gained in Japan in the latest sales figures for the region. The PS3 ranked No. 5 in overall video game hardware sales.

Circuit City this week began offering a free controller with purchase of Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3. The offer was advertised in the company's Sunday Memorial Day circular.

Sales for the PS3 this week were stable in the latest sales figures released from Ebay. The PS3 held a five percent gain in sales, however, fell below double-digit increases in sales for competing consoles.

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tehcellownu4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

The debut of Forza Motorsport 2 in Japan was unable to boost sales of Xbox 360 hardware in Japan..

lol..who didnt see that coming??

@1.1- i guess we shouldnt care about japanese games too..I care about all..and so should everyone..especially

FordGTGuy4741d ago

The only regions I would care about is the US and Europe.

XxZxX4741d ago

If you only care about US, XBOX 360 will beat PS3 in my opinion. Don't get your hope too high on Europe, thing doesn't look very promising for XBOX 360.

chrno64741d ago

lol what a retard. Half of the best games in the gaming hisotry came out from japan. (resident evil, final fantasy, devil may cry etc) You don't care about japan because 360 sells like crap over there? Yeah, that's probably why.

PhinneousD4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I honestly don't care about Japanese sales either, they are into bizaar quirky games these days. Those said franchises ALL had western gamers in mind. They were all western inspired, especially Resident Evil, it's mocking American Corporations and borrowed the zombie idea that originated from American horror movies. Devil May Cry was meant for the wester gamer in mind as the whole series was developed in English voice with Japanese subs. FF is probably the only fanchise geared toward the Japanese audience but still geared to appeal to the wester gamer. Well the japanese is a country with handheld gamers. Their gaming direction isn't toward realism, and Forza is a little bit to 'real' for them to be wiggin out about.

ITR4741d ago

I find it funny.

Both MS and Sony improved...but only Sony got kudos for it.
Sony improved by 2,000 units and MS improved by 500 units.

The big test will see if the Sony numbers stay up and if MS numbers can supprass the 3k next week.

chrno64741d ago

It's not doing good either because of a lack of games but it's still doing 4-5 times better than the 360. Once the quality titles pump out, it will sell like hotcakes, mark my words. On the other hand, the 360 will still sell like crap regardless of how many games it has, since most of which are fps. (It's true!)

rayzorn4741d ago

not sure about japan but i know New Castle Pa. sold 3 ps3 this week me and 2 of my friends all made the jump this week to next gen. having a great time so far. hope to be able to get the 360 around christmass time.

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