Nintendo Wii: Better Than Apple Tv

When Apple announced that their AppleTV would soon be able to stream YouTube videos, Wii owner Alexis Gentry was confused. After all, she's already watched scores of YouTube videos on her Nintendo Wii Opera browser.

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Sly4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Steve needs to try other Next Gen consoles as well not just the wii...

Xi4742d ago

but the ps3 and 360 are since they have the ability to DL high def content, stream media, play dvd's/bluray discs, and play games.

ITR4742d ago

Well currently the Apple TV has a HDD 40 and 160GB verisons.

The youtube videos for Apple TV are not the same ones on reg youtube hence it's not in FLV format.

Youtube is encoding all it's videos for Apple TV in H.264 streaming-efficient compression format from it's master copies. They will add new videos each week.

anthonsh4742d ago

If the videos are delayed on the apple tv, they wont be of much use... unless there is going to be a better youtube for apple only, i dont see much point to it.

The wii is great that way, the wiimote is by far the best thing for stuff like that... rivals a mouse.

to mccking:

It worked fine for me, just watched "battle at kruger" <-- must see btw.

mmccking4742d ago

Ever since the Opera browser went out of beta, I haven't been able to play videos including YouTube. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

In fact, just last night I installed the latest Opera browser on my friend's new Wii and videos don't work there either.