Nintendo Files Online Invitation System Patent

Nintendo has been issued a patent for what is termed an "Invitation system for on-line video games." (US Patent No. 20070123353) Now, as we all know, this doesn't mean that any sort of system is immediately forthcoming. Nintendo, like any other company that is constantly working on new technology, files for patents all the time. Some get used, some don't, and some get shelved for possible later consumption.

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ITR4575d ago maybe soon we'll be able to log onto a server and just send out invites to folks we want to play with? Sounds good to me.

BIadestarX4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

I failed to understand what they are trying to patent.. someone please help me understand. Isn't that exactly what xbox live gamers can do? "Invitation system for on-line video games". As matter of fact if I am not mistaken, Sony is also working on something similar with home. When one connect to xbox live... you connect to a server... to play... online games... and I can send game invites or join my friends sessions... are they patenting... a different way of doing that?

anthonsh4575d ago

Patents are weird that way, its in the specific wording. If nintendo mentioned once that it was an always online feature (something only the wii is capeable of) then the patent will ONLY apply to systems that are always on. This would make it completely different from XBox Live.