NFL Head of Refs Runs Replay with 360 Controller

Every week Mike Pereira, the NFL's chief of officiating goes over some of the league's more controversial calls and, as hawkeyed reader Matt M. spotted, he does so with the aid of an Xbox 360 controller.

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Zedux3436d ago

MS gives them money and they will do that holding pretty much anything and that's called advertisement!

Nevelo S3436d ago

know whats funny if you pay attentionhe dosent even really press anything on the 360 controlle, its like ms paid them to just hold it, wow ms guess ps3 sales gotcha kinda nervous

Rampant3436d ago

Are you guys for real?

Saaking3436d ago

BIAS!! haha just kidding.

sonarus3436d ago

i noticed it too, don't see why its news worthy tho but whatever

Budg3tG4m3r3436d ago

WOW! there is more conspiracy in here than a Area 51 or JFK forum. You fanboys are sad when you get desperate.

Whut3436d ago

smh you guys are pathetic

JokesOnYou3436d ago

Hide your women and children the X-terminator is here to turn us all into mindless Xbots. Oh the horror! Look they even disguised him to be an NFL analyst, ha ha lucky for me I spotted that 360 Controller of Mass Destruction and turned off my TV before I got hypnotized. Damm you micro!, Damm you for ending the world in 2012!


Lightsaber3436d ago

Its funny that all the ps3 fanboys so up set over this. If MS paid them how is that any different then paying ot run a tv ad for halo or forza. MS is a business no sh!t they are going to pay for ads to try and sell their crap to make money. Sony and ever other business does the same damn thing

wxer3435d ago

"NFL Head of Refs Runs Replay with 360 Controller"

so what ??
you guys are really making a big deal of this

Jamrock32923435d ago

funny if it was the ps3 controller there would be 300 comments saying the PS3 really does 'EVERYTHING'

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Zedux3436d ago

and that's called advertisement! MS gives them money and they will do that holding anything!

dktxx23436d ago

its not advertising if they never mentioned MS's name.

DelbertGrady3436d ago

The only controller worthy of being in the NFL.

table3436d ago

indeed. a crap sport needs a crap controller ;)

Lou Ferrigno3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )


Football:A cheap american spinoff of rugby.
360 Controller: a cheap american spinoff of the dreamcast controller (witch is 10x beter).

Saaking3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I know it's personal preference but I find the dual shock to be much better. The face buttons, d-pad, and the "bumpers" kinda suck on the 360 controller. On the other hand only the triggers suck on the Dual Shock. Besides, there's a reason Sony has stuck with same design for 15 years+.If it ain't broken don't fix it.

@soda: childish? In what way am I being "childish"?

DelbertGrady3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Not surprised by the childish reactions.

It's impossible to say anything remotely positive about the 360 without getting bashed for it on this site.

@Saaking - Your fundamental crusade against everything "M$" is childish, bordering to insane. Can't even post a humorous comment referring to the UFC's sponsor quotes without having you going "No way! Sony is teh better!!". A severe case of Sony OCD I guess.

Saaking3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I gave you a reason, all YOU said was "The 360 controller is better." Besides, I wouldn't be calling out fanboys if I were you. You're first comment bashed the PS3, don't act all innocent.

DelbertGrady3436d ago

lol! How did my comment bash the PS3??

This story is about the 360 controller and I commented on that, in an innocent humorous manner. You assume by not mentioning Sony in an MS related article I automatically bash them?

Sitdown3436d ago

"Besides, there's a reason Sony has stuck with same design for 15 years+.If it ain't broken don't fix it"

*looks over at sixaxis, raises hand*

Moving along; so let me get this straight...dvd is not broken, but because Microsoft is using it...then its holding back this generation and bringing gaming down. Sony holds on to something for 15+ years...and its okay. I think I am finally beginning to understand the wonderful world of Sony. And no, I am not saying that you mentioned dvd9...I am just commenting on how interesting it is that fans of Sony tend to have all their bases matter what goes on.

3436d ago
table3436d ago

i was bantering with you soda... nothing childish about a bit of banter mate.

evrfighter3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

"indeed. a crap sport needs a crap controller ;) "

Indeed thats got to be why soccer games excel on Playstation

har har

Sitdown3434d ago

Wow...given your name, you would have been better off not commenting on my post. You say I can't be that stupid, and sarcastically use "genius", but you do realize "JackofAlltrades" is a oxymoron right? Anyhoo, allow me to deconstruct your attempt to respond to my post. If a controller doesn't effect what is in a game...why did you even mention the wii controller? If controllers don't affect games, why does certain games come with their own modified controller? Why did Sony put the rumble back in its controller? Why have buttons been added over the years? So like wise, plenty of developers have cut things out of games because of the inability of controllers. There is a reason why some gamers prefer the mouse/keyboard combo over a controller. I would go further, but the fact that you resort to name calling speaks volumes to your inability to have a discussion. Guys/gals like you turn to negative remarks to help their weak points....cause if you really read my post, you would see what the overall message was was not about the controller and dvd. But anyhoo..pretty sad that the "current champ" of "biggest retard" just neutralized your post.

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Mista T3436d ago

how can you do any replays with that analog stick and d-pad?

Mista T3436d ago

can't do accurate replays with them though

dktxx23436d ago

he probably used the triggers. all he has to do is move the video back and forth.

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