Meet Phantasy Star Portable 2 girls, plus 90 screenshots

Meet Ursula and Chelsea, and scope out lots and lots of screens of the next Phantasy Star for the PSP.

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Redempteur3434d ago

i enjoy the universe series of phantasy star
but the only thing that out me off this time is the ridiculous outfit of the main heroine this time ( Behind ursula in the first and third screenshot )

It's so ridiculous i don't think i'll complete the story mode anytime soon .

Seriously ... what happenned ? it's out of touch with every other character created so far in this saga ...

Thankfully everything else is ok ...
(ursula seems intresting )

Myst3434d ago

Wouldn't mind getting this near the holiday season as well as a new DS and Phantasy Star 0.

I just wonder if they will make one for a home based console any time soon so that it can be like Episodes I & II for Gamecube in which you had the option of playing online. I know Universe slightly counts for some being that it's on PC and 360, but I'd like another :/

Redempteur3433d ago

The first two part of this saga went on consoles AND pc with mixed reviews .. but it became a true succès for sega with the first portable title of this ... so i don't think you'll get a home console game soon seeing that sega ( as seen with valkyria ) believe in portables much more than in home consoles ...

LeonSKennedy4Life3434d ago

Who really wants 90 screenshots?

ThanatosDMC3433d ago

Cant believe i bought the game thinking it'll be like Monster Hunter. I was sadly disappointed with the first.

3434d ago