Sensible World of Soccer Hands-On

Sensible World of Soccer first made its debut on the Commodore Amiga platform back in 1994 and developed the already popular Sensible Soccer franchise into something rather more far-reaching. By taking the existing gameplay and league structures, it added basic management options, as well as every professional club and national team in the world. It also included all of the correct names and basic facial characteristics for each player. Well, skin and hair colour, anyway.

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masterg4746d ago

This was my favorite football game of all time.
Getting this for sure. Fifa and PES got nothing on Sensible Soccer.

Why o why4745d ago

was this game in the uk only. 'this and bomberman were my favorite amiga and atari st games. so so serious

masterg4745d ago

Nah I played them all in Denmark.
But I doubt they released a soccer game in the US.