Softpedia: CoD Modern Warfare 2 Review

Softpedia writes: "Modern Warfare 2 does not live up to the hype that surrounded it before the release date and to the standard set by its predecessor, which was released in late 2007. It ticks all the points on the list: there are better graphics, there's a bigger "What the Hell?" moment, there are tougher characters, bigger firefights and more controversies. It's a fun, quick, at times tough shooter that satisfies the urge to redeem by wielding a firearm and has superb level design.

But the soul of the experience seems not to be there anymore. Activision, a company led by someone who stated that one of his goals was taking the fun out of (making) videogames, seems to have left a print on Modern Warfare 2, a game, which might actually sell millions of copies, making videogaming one of the most active segments of entertainment, but which forgot its heart somewhere in 2007."

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akaFullMetal3441d ago

so it loses its soul of being a cod and still gets an outstanding score, what was the point of harboring on that and still give it a great score?

Elwenil3441d ago

Probably just a case of where the bribe they took stipulated that they give it a certain score but didn't mention what they had to say about it, lol.

Jinxstar3441d ago

My biggest problem is everyone still calling it COD. Nowhere on the box does it actually say Call of Duty... All it says in Modern Warfare 2... I know, stupid gripe right?

badz1493441d ago

I submitted it anyway. behold the power of hype!

ambientFLIER3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

It does say Call of Duty right on the box. I'm looking at my xbox version right now. They've decided to keep it after all, due to the brand recognition.

ambientFLIER3440d ago

Weird. Is the regular ps3 version the same?

Jinxstar3440d ago

No it actually says COD on it just like yours... My bad though. Sorry about that.

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