City Bus Simulator 2010 Footage

BeefJack writes: "While it may not be the most intense action packed game ever, City Bus Simulator has a certain appeal. After all I vastly enjoyed my time with Tokyo Bus Guide back in the day, however, that said the video below is possibly a little too long for its own good."

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cyguration3411d ago

This game is going to blow everything else out of the water.

Pandemic3411d ago

Why is this so popular? :P

Chubear3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )


You'll be surprised how many people fantasize about driving a big bus or 18wheeler. Some of them even have their licenses for this too but they enjoy it the simulators too.

Flight sims are more my thing that anything else but I know JPN loves their Rail Sims and many EU countries love their Ship Sims.

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micro_invader3411d ago

Jesus, I can't believe I sat through 5 minutes of that...

Chubear3410d ago

Mesmerizing isn't it :P

QuizPyro3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

God of War III, Uncharted 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Bioshock 2,Bad Company 2 psshh who needs those games when I can play me some City Bus Simulator.

edhe3410d ago

A lot of people like real-life things. They shun good sci-fi or drama for reality shows. Shun period dramas for soaps.

So be it.

Also it's kid-friendly.

DERKADER3411d ago

I hope my wheel is compatible. This should hold me off till GT5.

QuizPyro3411d ago

Its most anticipated bus driving game of the year, didn't you know.

Chubear3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

LMAO! The comments on this vid have me rolling! lol

...300degress and raising! rotflmao!

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The story is too old to be commented.