The new PS3 Symbol: Nathan Drake vs Old Snake Can Nathan Drake Beats Old Snake and become the new PS3 symbol?

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belal3616d ago

but no one can take snakes place... nathan drake is tge second best, but snake has been on a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ong trip to become the symbopl of ps brand

blitz06233616d ago

It's funny how you're rooting for Snake when you have avatar is Drake. But I do agree with you there. Snake's journey is as epic as it can be. Drake on the other hand, is not too far behind. The difference though, is that Sony owns Naughty Dog who made Drake while Snake belongs to Kojima. Normally, if I see a picture of Snake, it reminds me of MGS. Drake would automatically remind me of the PS3. Other than that, Snake has also appeared in Brawl and the older Gameboy games, but I still think he deserves Sony's symbol more than Drake since he's been with the PS since what, 1998? Drake will eventually take his spot though

zaza1263616d ago

normally id have to say snake just cause hes been around for so long and hes so renowned and recognized but, correct me if im wrong, isnt snakes story done in terms of mgs?
cause if that is the case, then i feel its only natural to move on to drake as the ps3s new mascot

Saaking3616d ago

No Need to compare. PS3 owners can have BOTH.

iamtehpwn3616d ago

They should remake FFVII again have Cloud be the symbol. I mean, to many of us, he was the rightful symbol of PS1.

...Just saying. <_<

Whitefox7893616d ago

The thing is with the PS brand they've had so many iconic characters been born and left their brand name its just crazy!

heroicjanitor3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I'd say Drake is a symbol of the ps3 and snake playstation as a whole, but Snake is gone now and mgs is multiplat. Snake appearing on another console would be traumatising :)

HDgamer3616d ago

MGS4 isn't and never will be multiplat. Maybe in alternate reality but not in this one.

Parapraxis3616d ago

Sony has many mascots, alongside Drake and Snake, take Ratchet, Sackboy and Kratos, hell even Buzz.

Sony isn't picking one mascot and whoring it out again and again and again, it's making an army of well known characters that immediately make you think "Playstation"

Rumor3616d ago


yes, and then they will release a Smash Bros type of game!!


Xbox Avatars Shoe3615d ago

"Can Nathan Drake Beats Old Snake"

Beats? Oh, videogame journalism...

velcry3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

just thinking aloud

wxer3615d ago

the PS brand got crap load of flag ship games and names
thats why alot of PPL love it

-GametimeUK-3615d ago

Drakes replaced Snake this gen... No doubt about it

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gumgum993616d ago

Although I favor Sackboy more as the PS3's mascot, I think many can see Nathan Drake as the face of the PS3 slim. It alone, helped drive sales in a similar matter that Solid Snake did in 2008.

SmokingMonkey3616d ago

Kratos? Snake? Nathan Drake? Cole? SackBoy? Sev?

Playstations' have never had a face, this is what makes PS so great for me, i'm not bound to buying Mario or Master Chief for quality gaming.

pippoppow3616d ago

So true. Other wise we would get less diversity and major milkage. 3rd gen an still no mascot has worked out quite well for Sony.

Tony P3616d ago

"Playstations' have never had a face, this is what makes PS so great for me, i'm not bound to buying Mario or Master Chief for quality gaming."

As if it needs to be said, MS and Nintendo have plenty of quality games besides those featuring their mascots.

It's strange "gamers" find more fun bashing than finding reasons not to... like playing more games on those platforms you trash.

Graphics3616d ago

u forgot Jak, Ratchet, and the resistance guy. Sony has too many. Oh and sly cooper also!!

SmokingMonkey3616d ago

you're right, I buy more metroid than I do mario, and I would love to play L4D2, but $'s tight so that's why I used words like "for me"

If I had the $ I would buy that 250gb MW2 360, L4D2 + LIVE, battery packs all of that, but I bought a PS3 and Wii. Probably going to sell the Wii because PS has it covered for me.

Rumor3616d ago

this man speaks of wisdom and truth

CrippleH3615d ago

Who needs 1 mascot when you can have a gang full of them.

capn_crunch3615d ago

They tried to make crash bandicoot the PS face back in the 90's IIRC. Although, that didn't really go anywhere.

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DonCorneo3616d ago

but yeah, mgs4 is the one of best games this gen. only uncharted, kz2 and LBP top it. and gow3 and gt5 will soon top it as well..

maybe, by then, the xbots can have mgs4.. on their crapbox 720 because the 3fixme cannot handle mgs4 graphics


PlayStation X3615d ago

only uncharted has topped it, even tho kz2 n lbp are quality games they dont compare to mgs.

hardcore19123616d ago

If it was up to Sony, the wanted "SackBoy" but the couldn't make it