The 50 weirdest moments in pc gaming

A loving tribute to the strangest, weirdest, or just plain wrong-est moments in PC gaming.

Richard Cobbett listing the 50 weirdest moments in PC gaming history. Highlights of the long list include Lara Croft's police woes, kissing muscle men in SimCopter, the Unrighteous Bible, the great Carmen Sandiego hoax, the doomed DOOM comic book and Typing of the Dead. Usually these kind of lists leave me cold and are filled with all of the most obvious stuff, but this one really goes the extra mile and turns up some truly original things you might not know.

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egyptian_diarrhea4576d ago

awesome article wolfgang! some true gems in here. I've been lmao reading this. There seems to be some really cool games in here like wreked,that i was unaware of. "amphetamines sped up the main character and LSD revealed the invisible. At the end, your stash was totted up, and you were told how much prison time you were facing for completing the level. Educational!" Awesomeness,almost similar to adult videos, very good :)

MK_Red4576d ago

Great find and cool article. And most of my favorites are in it! From Fallout to Blood.