Is the Wiimote overpriced?

Remember the buzz surrounding Nintendo's wiimote, and how the sum of its parts seemed a bit pricey, when compared to what the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were offering?

Well it appears that the talk is back, thanks in part to a recent story on CNN, which detailed the pricing on major components of Nintendo's nifty controller. Guess where it came from this time -- Nintendo's own forum. Right now, the thread is already seven pages long.

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gta_cb4578d ago

"I invite you to take into consideration (once again) that in order to get the entire experience from Nintendo's console, you must spend upwards of $80. That includes the wiimote itself ($40), the nunchuck attachment, and the classic controller (each going for $20)."

is there not an option to just get the Wiimote? (both left hand and right hand part)

if there is an option for this and it is more then the Xbox 360 wireless controlller and the PS3 controller then i think yes.

i know that its motion and everything, but because you HAVE to have them to experience the full of the Nintendo Wii and you have to buy the games etc aswell then it should be standard price (IMO)

wolfgang4578d ago

gta_cb : You right about having to spend 80 $ for the full experience or *gasp* 160 / 240 $ if you are popular enough to have more friend and we all know that having a Wii in these time of console shortage make you very popular.

But at the same time you don't need the classic controller if you only play new wii game and don't download classic game. Also some of the classic game only require a wiimote and not the clasic controller.

Anyway I think all Nintendo accessories are overpriced, I mean the nunchuk doesn't cost 25 $ (canadian) to make.

ChickeyCantor4578d ago

but i bet we can say the same about the PS3 controller?

Expy4578d ago

How can you say the same? $50, it's wireless out-of-the-box, rechargeable out-of-the-box. Other consoles have you pay an additional $20 for a rechargeable battery kit.

The Panther4578d ago

It doesnt have rumble out of the box

Also Known As4577d ago

I know this is going to piss-off the nintendrones but the actual console is atleast $50 overpriced considering thats its last-gen tech, so of-course the "wii"mote is overpriced too. Just because it wasnt used before it doesnt mean that motion sensing tech is state-of-the-art, I'm sure that technology has existed for a long while now, but like I said before (my former nick was tr0n) the "uneducated" consumer is not aware of this, that wiimote shouldnt cost more than $20. I mean just think about it. Its common knowledge that consoles are not supposed to make a profit off of the hardware straight from launch and nintendo had the audacity to brag that this was exactly what they were doing. They are ripping off the so-called "one born everyday" suckers. (not shouting, just highlighting) NINTENDO, THE WII AND ITS STUPID CHILDISH CARTOONY GAMES SHOULD JUST GO AWAY (NINTENDO'S TIME HAS PASSED JUST LIKE SEGA WHICH IS A SUPERIOR DEVELOPER I.M.O.)AND STOP IMPEDING THE PLAYING OUT OF THE ONLY TRUE 'CONSOLE WAR': XBOX360 VS PLAYSTATION3.

wolfgang4577d ago


Like Manhunt 2 or Resident evil ? :)

ben hates you4577d ago

the fricking wii it cost 250, they make over 50 bucks on each console sold, and the thing sucks, it might be fun, but there is no serious games like, Mass Effect or FFXIII

ITR4577d ago

Those games aren't even out yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.