Live-Action Halo: Reach Movie at Spike VGA's?

Over the past few days, Geoff Keighly has been sending out tweets about this year's Spike VGA's. His latest updates seem to be focused on Halo: Reach, including:

Let me put the rumors to rest: The HALO: REACH piece at the VGAs will not be CG.

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EvanVolm3441d ago

Indeed. This year's video game awards sounds like the best one yet. Though, that isn't saying much when compared to previous years...

iMad3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

will deliver. i'll sell my 360 if it will not.

that should be the end of ps3 as Sony will be forced to bring ps4 after we all will see that halo reach gfx level is not possible on ps3 because of its limitations on gpu side, memory configuration, tesselation unit absence, and no edram.

there will be Halo reach HD picrures soon on the net before VGA's videos.

3441d ago
LastPlaceConsole3441d ago

lol still mad that a 2007 game destroyed 2009 game in both sales and quality

cry moaaar i guess

iMad3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

first, you paid Sony employee - one of 15 here on n4g.
second, your job is to post crap about nin and ms over the net in order to make bad pr
third, your magical cell has been abandomed, so ps4 will have new architecture = no one will spend a cent on cell now. except sony first party wich will go bankrupt soon because ps3 exclusives sell bad.

Icyhot3441d ago

Nice little fantasy land brewing up here. iMad you really crack me up man... So how much are you selling the 360 for?? I need a new heater XD

Nathan1233441d ago

ROFL Sony employee lol. Do you think huge companies have nothing more to do but hire fanboys to talk trash on sites? Oh wait didn't Microshaft and Turn 10..... Sorry but I am a self employeed fanboy.

Saaking3441d ago

A live action ad like the one for ODST and Halo Landfall would be pretty cool.

morganfell3441d ago

Yes a live action movie would be cool but it would be cooler to have innovative gameplay and something that looks like next gen visuals.

Lifendz3441d ago

And you have the nerve to accuse others of being a paid employee? You sound like Major Nelson or Aaron Greenberg right now. In fact, I take that back. I don't even think those guys would make such an asinine statement.

Don't get me wrong, Halo Reach will probably impress. But impress to the point that it blows God of War III, GT5, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, MGS4, and whatever else Sony has coming outta the water so bad that Sony has to drop PS4? Madness.

Danny Dan3441d ago

I don't think its going to be live-action, but graphics to another degree. From those fuzzy pictures that we saw a few weeks back, those guns looked pretty detailed.

With the "X-Engine" building up... maybe this will be something to take 360 graphics to the next level and Halo: Reach will be the title to showcase that engine.

We will just have to sit back and wait.

wxer3441d ago

hype hype hype hype hype hype hype and more hype

can believe it ???
look at this article and those comments

GiantEnemyCrab3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Why is SONY even being mentioned in this thread?

As far as I'm concerned this has nothing to do with Sony and any mention of it is completely off-topic.

I hope they do great things with the Halo Movie.

SixZeroFour3441d ago

i hope the first footage isnt live action (but im not saying i dont like the live action footage)

he ruled out CG, but that still leaves actual gameplay or live action...i hope its actual gameplay, but if it turns out to be live action, i wouldnt be too disappointed

gaffyh3441d ago

Hopefully it's gameplay and not live-action crap (like the ODST ad).

@fanboys above (or should I say fanboy above, seen as it is obvious it is Cold 2000's multiple accounts) - For f**ks sake! Can you not FOR ONCE think of Halo as the second coming? This game WON'T sell Xbox 360's, because everyone who wanted an Xbox 360 for Halo, ALREADY bought one two years ago when Halo 3 released. How much of a sales boost did we see when Halo Wars came out? Or ODST? None.

The ONLY thing that can boost 360 sales now are Natal, and possibly Splinter Cell.

Sarcasm3441d ago

Meh, how about some damn in game real time gameplay for once Microsoft?

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djtek1843441d ago

Halo reach for the lube.

cyborg69713441d ago

I can't wait to turn the channel when it comes on.

inSaneELF3441d ago

The VGAs this year are going to be awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing 2K Games new shooter revealed.

acere3441d ago

want halo give me halo more halo need halo now plz

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