Go!GamingGiant: Dragon Age: Origins Review reviews the recently release RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

"As you can tell, Dragon Age becomes a mash up of every strength throughout each of BioWare's epic tales. Will this formula work out in the end and lead to multiple successful sequels?"

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omicron0094356d ago

Awesome, I cant wait to get this game!

Kamikaze84356d ago

Same here. On my Christmas list. Nice read.

thegreatest78844356d ago

This game is just so ridiculously good. Good review, Dragon Age is definitely on par with the best of the RPG genre.

RaymondM4356d ago

I was iffy about checking this game out, but now I'm interested. Looks good enough, even though I'm not a big RPG guy.

Leon Thomas4356d ago

Sounds like a really cool game.

Murgatroyd74356d ago

I really don't like the battle system, but this game looks too good to pass up.