Free second episode of Halo Legends , available today only

You may want to get to your Xbox 360 to check out the second episode of the Spartan-themed anime premiering today on Halo Waypoint.

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Whut3440d ago

very good episode. sad ending

SixZeroFour3440d ago

agreed...although i hated the color scheme and design that they went with, may appeal to some ppl, but not for me, it had an interesting story (doubt it had much to do with the actual story

i thought "arbiter" was the title they gave the elite cause he was a disgrace or something...not the actual name of the elite?

Hildor_muthafo3439d ago

But the artstyle was a miss. I know what they're goin for, and I like the look. But it doesn't work well with 3D models. If it was hand drawn, I think it would have went over well. But with the Lifeless 3D models, and stiff animation, the filter over top of it all didn't help.

albert_2753439d ago

I honestly thought the Babysitter was kinda crappy,
But I must admit this one (the duel) was quality stuff. I love the art style for everything. I just don't like the female elites... they look like the characters from James Cameron's Avatar.

Xi3439d ago

I thought the episode was good but the artstyle was killing it for me.