It Only Does Everything…Sometimes

Lewis G of TheSixthAxis writes: ""60% of the time, it works everytime!" Whilst I chuckle at that quote, I'm worried that it accurately represents the PS3 at the moment. This week's Firmware update started off good; we were optimistic for Sony ( twice!) and the Vid Store was a welcome addition to the Playstation Store, but, Sony don't seem to be doing so well afterall."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g4875d ago

sixthaxis posts that fail to make sense 60% of the time.

GrandTheftZamboni4875d ago

They are bunch of 360 fangirls getting PS3 related name for their web site and commenting themselves.

kaveti66164875d ago

Holy crap. This is gonna get approved?

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Microsoft Xbox 3604875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Ok to sum it up, he's complaining about EA's DLC. That's the third parties problem not Sony. Vid Store? What do you expect dipsh^t. When a new and highly anticapated service comes out always expect excessive server loads. It's normal. Lastly, he complains something about LBP for the PSP. "It only does everything" is the PS3's tag line. Save that for another article.

Another website desperate for hits.

ultimolu4875d ago

Lame article is lame. :/

Bathyj4875d ago

Its made from bits of real Panther, so you know it works.

evrfighter4875d ago

great article. It's nice to see playstation fans that don't have their goggles on every now and then.

vhero4874d ago

Why is their so many PS3 hating sites out their? Also why does N4G allow articles from them anymore? N4G should BAN biased websites and only allow non biased ones or at least ones who open admit they are loyal to one console like playstationlife or whatever. Console bashing articles just prove you are worried about the other console taking over the market and thats why we see 90% of them are about PS3.

blogz4fanboyzz4874d ago

it's funny that you lot never say the same thing when a silly blog says something against the 360...strange that. instead you all flock to those articles like moths to a flame, then attack anyone that even remotely defends the 360 or question the validity of the blog that wrote it.

hypocrites springs to mind instantly

DelbertGrady4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Funny how many of you guys are completely unable to accept any kind of criticism aimed towards Sony.

The firmware update issues have been reported from several sources and you still try to deny its existance. Shooting the messenger.

ultimolu4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

That's funny because 360 fans tend not to accept criticism towards Microsoft either. It's not the fact that nobody accepts criticism regarding Sony. This article is flamebait at best.

blogz4fanboyzz: And 360 fans do the same damn thing so what's your point?

Guido4874d ago

Yes they are. It would not surprise me if they had some folks working with them that started the famed SDF since we all know the SDF was in fact originated by a bunch of Xbox fangirls. It's sad how low the Xbox fans will stoop these days.

Rainstorm814874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

i agree with ultimolu, all fanboys are hypocrites. Yes the PS3 has minor firmware issues, just as X360 has had issues with its fall facebook twitter update. The truth of the matter both systems have some issues.

What the people above are complaining about is the weekly onslaught of negative news the PS3 recieves. When in my opinion the 360 has more negative issues but we see far less negative news aimed at the 360.

All im saying if so called journalists are going to nitpick about every little thing on one console, do it for ALL THREE, OR IT JUST MAKES YOU SEEM LIKE A FANBOY SITE TRYING TO GET HITS.

sikbeta4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )


DON'T take this CRAP serious, HATER Journalism gonna eat their OWN words, in a couple of weeks

MY GOD, I only expecting the same as always, Damage Control switch at FULL

DECEMBER AND MARCH are the KEY, FF13 will give the first punch in the FACE and Gran Turismo 5 will deliver the coup de grâce to the BIASED MEDIA and the HATER JOURNALISM

After that, every person who was hating PS3 and the Playstation Brand for more than 3 years, will SHUT UP and assume the REALITY

PS3 is a success, you have to BE a BLIND FANBOY HATER, to not see the TRUTH

Person6784874d ago

You people do realize that TSA was a PS3 only website for about 2 years before heading multi platform?

The writer is simply reporting on various issues presented on the PS3 format recently. FYI, he doesn't even own a 360. And yeah, I am a TSA member.

likedamaster4874d ago

Wow, sensitive much?

They're legitimate complaints.

Btw fanboy, your life says hi.

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Stryfeno24875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Freezing is part of the experience too...If all those titles didn't continuously freeze, then that quote would of been a lie.

ssipmraw4875d ago

your right it doesnt do everything, it doesnt rrod haha
jump out, play beyond

4875d ago
user39158004875d ago

Crapstation 3 only for droids with the desire of a multy-break down console it does everything; Including YLOD, Blu balls player, vacuum cleaner, BBQ Grill, lack off networking done crapstation style it will only go down 12 times in one hour. Lets face it, the POS3 its just like the sixasses, it onl;y does everything broken down with a smile.

ambientFLIER4874d ago

I've owned my xbox for 2 years now, and never had the rrod. Does that mean that it doesn't exist?

DLA2K94874d ago

"PS3, it only sucks at everything"

4point7BillionLoss4874d ago

you've been PS3 fan boy forever, and yet you've only had aps3 for a year .... you're a n00b ... and besides... sony designs hardware to only go faulty once it's out of warranty soa year is too soon for you n00b !!!!

Don't worry though, soon you'll be YLOD like all the other droids

Play behind

MechaZillaTron4874d ago

Seriously the gripes expressed are quite small. If videos are taking a long time to dl from the PS store then sign up for netflix, you can stream all of your instant que through your PS3 in HD with wi/fi. And as for the DLC in dragon whatever, who cares it's a B rate title at best. I am very pleased with Sony and I believe they are making all the right decisions at this time, unlike Microsoft who decided to ban a 1/10 of their base for "modding."

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NecrumSlavery4875d ago

click the tab to the next room. --->

playnation4874d ago

you should change your avatar for a 360

sikbeta4874d ago

eh... don't have a LIFE?

I think is really BAD man, try to give sense to your LIFE

More than, you know, trolling is a site and desperate try to get attention, is really SAD

GiantEnemyCrab4875d ago

I always hated that marketing line because it's bullsh*t..


Why can't I play my x264/mkv files natively? Doesn't that fall under the "everything" category..

Sounds like an over promise to me.

004875d ago

but the "it only does*insert word here*" is kinda ruining it.

Saaking4875d ago

It doesn't do everything literally. It's just a way of saying the PS3 does a LOT more than the competitors.

poindat4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

And Sony is also assuming that you don't take things literally, like an idiot.

Protip: 90% of marketing lines are BS. Get used to it; it's nothing new and pretty much EVERY company exaggerates here and there in order to get a message across to consumers or make a catchy phrase/jingle.

I find it hard to believe that you could be so naive.

SoapShoes4875d ago

You are taking it literally. Does it toast your bread? No, but the slogan basically means it does more than every other console out there.

Anorexorcist4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

and fortunately in a certain context that is a good thing; You don't see the PS3 coming anywhere near doing anything like the RRoD, do you?

GiantEnemyCrab4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Oh look, how cute! you all broke out your RROD party hats again!

Please spare me your 360 rants you pro bono PS3 marketing reps.

I didn't ask the thing to make me toast and I don't expect it to time travel as well.. But something as supporting popular/common media types is NOT that far fetched from what we are talking about here..

I would say you had a decent argument if I asked the thing to cook dinner or something but this is not out of the realm of "Everything" the PS3 can do..

@HDGamer: Then fine, x264 in an MKV container then..

Saaking4875d ago


I have you a right unbiased answer. It looks to me like YOU'RE the one trying to start stuff.

Shadow Flare4875d ago

....and with the next firmware update, the ps3 will be able to butter toast and travel through time. Anything else you wanna moan about?

Godmars2904875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

More to the point, does the average consumer know what MKV is?

That's the fundamental difference between the 360 and PS3: if you only know what advertised about them when you buy them, the PS3 has more there for you. Including MKV support *IF* you have a PC and media server. With the 360, especially if you bought the Arcade, to get more out of it you have to pay more.

And yes, I have no clue weather or not the 360 can play MKV files through a media server.

HDgamer4875d ago

Those are video containers not file types. You can also convert them

GiantEnemyCrab4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

LOL! Saaking oh man that is rich coming from you..

I am not starting anything.. Just giving my opinion that the "Only Does Everything" is a misleading statement and bullsh*t..

I guess any console or system can claim "It does everything" then. Since as soon as you name something it can't do you just say "now come on, it's literally not talking about everything".

@3.13: You're right, NONE of the consoles can claim that.

@3.14: NO, just don't tell me it does everything when the community has requested features that it still doesn't do and are within the capabilities of the PS3.

Since we want to bring MS into this.. IF MS came out and said "360, It Only Does Everything" N4G would have a meltdown.

whothedog4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Yeah I'm with you GEC, I tried to "Jump In" the Xbox 360 and just broke mine.

SoapShoes4875d ago

Not every console could claim that, GEC. This advertisement has obviously gone over your head. It doesn't take much to realize what they mean.

Anorexorcist4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Well regardless, you don't like the "It Only Does Everything" slogan because your splitting-hair research has shown that it in fact really doesn't do "everything"?

Well then never forget Sony's original slogan: "Never Underestimate The Power of Playstation"

4875d ago
Shadow Flare4875d ago

Geez imagine how confused giantenemycrab was when sony's slogan was: 'Live in your world. Play in ours'. He must have gone crazy thinking, "how can 100 million+ people afford rockets?!?"

Noob4875d ago

Wow, this site never disappoints. Who cries over this? It's an advertisement, it's not that serious. *facepalm*

4875d ago
4875d ago
badz1494875d ago

Why can't I play my x264/mkv files natively? Doesn't that fall under the "everything" category..
Sounds like an over promise to me."

what else do you want the PS3 to do with the "everything" slogan? blowjob? pfft...talking about nitpicking!

everything doesn't really mean 'everything' but in fact many things majority of people are thinking of! you said about .mkv files, but are majority of people using .mkv? but it does play movie files isn't it? plus Bluray, no other console comes close!

talking about false marketing, this one I embedded is the WORST! from 0:35 onwards, every single thing is a LIE! free?

Shadow Flare4875d ago

Maybe crab is right. This is the worst case of false advertising since the movie 'The Never Ending Story'

Killman4875d ago

You know, the 360 uses the phrase "Jump In". It kinda pisses me off that you cannot actually jump into the machine. My expectations have been crushed because of the catchline.....

Seriously, use logic next time. -_-

Saaking4875d ago

Crab, it's not funny anymore. It's just sad.

beardpapa4875d ago

you're taking things too literally. You're like those OC moms that think a PS3 can also cook and do laundry for them.


Anorexorcist4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

If we were so, how should I put it? Anal about the technicalities within Microsoft's slogans like Crab is about Sony's, we would all be complaining about how no one can really "Jump In" to the Xbox 360 because after all it's just a little game console that could no way fit even a small person into it.

But don't give GEC too much of a hard time on this. His mother just went to the store to snatch him up some more microwavable macaroni and cheese and he's just all alone in that big quiet trailer of his. He needs some interaction. Where else is he gonna go???

Edit @ ultimolu

He doesn't need a hug. He needs a role model and a clean diaper!

Edit @ Crabs

"You PS3 fannies are the worst."

Maybe. That is always open to interpretation. But you know what? At least PS3 owners are not stupid enough to purchase a console over and over again that bricks on them and comes with overpriced accessories and charges for something that should be complimentary: Online Gaming.

ultimolu4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )


Are you okay GEC? Seriously, do you need a hug or something? >:/

EDIT: ...I guess not. o_o

4875d ago
4875d ago
evrfighter4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

let me have a crack at it GEC.

NO console should ever claim to do anything when it doesn't even support cross game voice chat. Why is this relevent you ask?

This has been a staple in the online gaming industry going past ten years now.

So much for next-gen right =\

PS3 it only does everything!!!!11 (if we lived in 1999)

Shadow Flare4875d ago

Paying for peer-2-peer networking is really cutting edge then?

4875d ago
snp4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

NO console should ever claim to do anything when it doesn't even support cross game voice chat.

Think you meant 'Everything'.. Believe it or not, this is a feature most folk outside a few diehards couldn't care less about - the most volume about it's crucialness comes from 360 owners picking fights mostly... (and it's completely irrelevant to the rights of Sony to use the Everything marketing campaign)

Certainly it ain't up there anywhere near most 'top ten musts' feature lists i hear from everyday dudes - though it is mentioned as an 'extra' anticipated on top of all the things they already get from the PS3 occasionally by those who own PS3's.

Most important lists consist of Bluray first up (after all, it's a separate $200 box if it's not included and you want it - and the key feature in the campaign), and video services, and internet browsing features, a broad range of games of course, online without added expense to what is already paid for internet service, and non-propitiatory hard drives (without which media centre expansion is limited), and wifi to avoid more cords draping everywhere (or added expense to make up the ommisoin)... And yeah, on and on and on.

I'm sorry, but isolating 'voice chat' as an 'essential console feature without which a console is gimped'... nup... Outside maybe covens of mostly young online gamer diehard's - it just ain't anywhere near a list of important features for your average buyer after (within reason) 'everything' in one package (though no doubt it'll come soon enough, and you'll have to find some new neurotic mini feature to complain about the absence of).

Sarcasm4875d ago


Always spinning something Sony into negative light.

If you take "It Only Does Everything" literally then you should get your brain checked.

It's just a marketing slogan. Get on with your life.

Blitzed4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Now GEC, I realize you probably won't read this because you've recently sprayed yourself down with AXE body spray and are currently walking the streets wondering why random women are not tackling you.

You see, that's a marketing campain; an exageration of the claim that women will like the way you smell. The exageration is directed entirely on the function of the product, much like how 'everything' exagerates the functions of the PS3, even video capatibility. That's marketing. 'Everything' is an exageration of how the PS3 does a hellava lot more than simply play games.

If you think it's such 'lies', try filing a suit for false advertising. Before you do though, go ask your mom if a bald muscular guy ever appeared in her kitchen when she went to mop the floor.

(no offence girls, just making a point. I've mopped many a floor)

badz1494874d ago

"PS3 it only does everything!!!!11 (if we lived in 1999)"

I didn't know that bluray and HD gaming were there in 1999! stupid fanboys are stupid period!

ps: XBL weren't there either in 1999!

insomnium4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Just take a look at 00:59!

It says "connect your x360 to the internet and plug in to the endless entertainment of the xbox live" and at the same time on the TV it says "connect for free" and then "xbox live". If this was shown in EU MS would be sued and penalized.

False advertizing 101. MS is THE BEST at it. Gosh I really despise that company. And LBP theme song at the background all the time. Should I cry or laugh?

badz1494874d ago

yup, that's false ads at its finest! cry? laugh? maybe a bit of both. you'll find the reason for it somehow I guess

sikbeta4874d ago

I have something for your problem with .mkv:

.Google -> type -> Total Video Converter -> Search

You have a PC, you easily can convert those videos, even Ubuntu Users like me can do it easily NOW

Matroska is good only for compression, I rather use .mov

sam22364874d ago

I agree with GiantEnamyCrab, the slogan is ridiculous. You can't use cross game chat, play PS2 games (inb4 o mai 60GB can play dem!1!!!11!!), download stuff while watching a DVD/Blu-ray or while playing most games. Hell, I can't play most .avi files (inb4 convertan!) and the slim PS3 has linux removed!

They should've kept that "Never underestimate the power of PlayStation" slogan, imo.

"It only does everything!"? How about "It barely does anything!".

evrfighter4874d ago

"Paying for peer-2-peer networking is really cutting edge then? "


assume I'm a failbox fanboy some moar plz.

I own a ps3. It doesn't do jack outside of playing games. For everything I need to do I have the real platform that does everything.

listen to music, burn a movie, watch a movie on my other monitor, download whatever I want for free, all WHILE playing a game and talking to my friends over vent.

that my friend is pc gaming.

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