The Bender Podcast – Lego Rock is bad, Arkham Asylum is terrible, Raychul Moore is cooler than Peter Moore

Binge Gamer writes: This week's The Bender is good times. We have beautiful and very game savvy guest Raychul Moore (credits include GamePro's GameGirl, co-host on GameTopia found on AllGames, and if you do a Google image search for her name you will be happy).

With game industry vet Raychul joining the guys, you think the show would be filled with chivalry and professionalism.. well, to keep a positive outlook on this all, Mike and Raychul have passion for games they love, expect many debates and discussions over things such as Lego Rock Band, Star Wars, The Beatles, OnLive on cell phones, Arkham Asylum, and Seaman. Hear what we think the game of the year so far is and all the rest of the news of the week, enjoy!

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