Worldwide Hardware Sales (Week ending Nov.14)

The latest hardware sales figures have been released (Week ending November 14, 2009).

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gamesR4fun4075d ago

# Wii - 559,315
# DS - 493,958
# PlayStation 3 - 326,920
# Xbox 360 - 294,378
# PSP - 184,309
# PlayStation 2 - 69,276

AAACE54075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I've been looking for an article to ask this question, but I guess this will do...

I just finished Uncharted 2 two day ago and starting thinking about it. What I figured out is that Uncharted 2 and Gears 2 are very similar in gameplay. Anyone else notice this? If you take out the platforming and better lighting and such, the gameplay is virtually the same. U2's story is longer but it's basically eye for eye. Story mode for each, 5 on 5 multiplayer, Horde mode and 3 player co-op(alot like Horde mode).

Before you hate, go back and play both games and see!

On topic: Good sales for all consoles leading into the holiday season, should be a good battle!

Saaking4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

UC2 is much better than Gears though. The animations aren't stiff and neither are the movements. There's a lot more options (you can climb, jump, etc). I think Epic should look at what ND did with the cover system and improve Gears 3 as much as possible.

Good to see PS3 beating the 360. It's obvious the 360 will now be bound to third place. You tried MS, you tried.

Cold 20004075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

PlayStation 3 - 326,920

Xbox 360 - 294,378

= 32542 difference WORLDWIDE.

Yea it's really obvious the 360 is bound to last place /sarcasm.

So 2 months after the price cut that was supposed to send the PS3 to the moon, and there's only a 30 000 difference worldwide.

You tried Sony, you tried. Might perhaps catch up in 2020 at that pace.

Quick another price cut Sony !

Nemo884075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

If you consider how many of those 360 sales would have been massively bumped up by MW2, Sony did awesome!

Lol plus its MS if anyone who will be coming with the desperado price cuts!! "360... now just $29.99!!" LoLz!

Cold 20004075d ago

Yeah lets just forget the PS3 had a massive 100$ price cut + Uncharted 2.

I'm ready to bet a 100$ price cut has more effect than the release of a MULTIPLAT game.

Nemo884075d ago

in UK it was only like £40, i.e. not massive.

And I belive in U.S and other major territorites sales for MW2 were skewed something like 2:1??? On a game that sold how many million?

What were the 360 preorders like for MW2?

The Killer4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

i stopped reading further.

its not worth the hit button.

according to VGChartz they said halo ODST sales in 24 hours at 2 million and after some weeks at 3.7 million but after a month another more reliable source claimed that Halo ODST finally reached 2 million copy.

shows how reliable "according to VGChartz" is

@Cold 2000

you are a sad case if you think ps3 only sold 32k more this week than 360.

by the end of the year we will see what both companies have sold. usually ps3 is higher.

and if you want to know how many 360 is out there compared to the ps3 than just count the online subscribers and they will tell you interesting numbers!! usually not all users go online but certain percentage do go online, this percentage is more or less the same in PSN or Xbox Live.

PSN users is at the same amount of Xbox Live, correct me if I am wrong! which mean ps3 install base is something the same as 360.

Chubear4075d ago

NOW IS OUR TIME!!!!!!!!! *Que badassed Vasari themed musical score*

Saaking4075d ago

360 is bound to be in third place every in monthly sales. Let's no forget the 360 came out ONE year before the PS3 and had the whole year with NO competition.

DocEvil4075d ago

"Lol plus its MS if anyone who will be coming with the desperado price cuts!! "360... now just $29.99!!" LoLz!"

In FOUR years the 360 dropped from $400 to $300 and in THREE years the ps3 dropped from $600 to $300 and you are calling MS desperate? I wouldn't say either are desperate at all to be honest, I would say they are priced right where they should be and if anything, the 360 SHOULD be cheaper at this point but it isn't which seems to indicate the exact opposite of being 'desperate'.

sparta764075d ago

Use your head ( for once ).
How the hell can the ps3 outsell the 360 by only 32,000,
It does that in japan alone!!
I do think here in na it's gonna be pretty close, cause of all
the banned 360's out there...

freeblue4075d ago

you forget about the 100 best buy credit on top of the price cut MS did?

Nemo884075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

@cold 2000

360 is still cheaper, but yes there have been steeper- though no more frequent cuts for ps3, than 360. In the US, there have been less cuts than in Uk for 360.

The ps3 cuts were less due to desperation than a response to Massive slating in the press and cries on forums for its high pricing.

Whereas 360 cuts were never cried for and a direct response to Sony caning their ass for most of 2008.

Entry system for 360= $199 (debut $299)
Elite= 299 (debut at $479)
super elite= $399

Entry for ps3= $299 (debut $499)
premium ps3= $399 (debut $599)

SuperStrokey11234075d ago

Actually the most expensive ps3 is 349 actually. The 360 is 399 but that comes with extras.

Saaking4075d ago

The 360 has dropped from 400 to 200

The PS3 from 600 to 3000

Both have dropped 50% from their original launch price.

soxfan20054075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

You're right. But, it's worth noting that the 360's price drops were spread over 4 years while PS3's were spread over just 3.

SuperM4075d ago

I dont believe these numbers at all. PS3 outsells 360 by over 30k a week only in Japan. According to these numbers that would mean 360 is selling just as good as PS3 in US + Europe. And since 360 isnt even outselling PS3 in the US then they cant possibly be doing it in europe.

Another example of VGChartz pulling numbers out their ass i persume.

ultimolu4075d ago

Maybe you need a step back and have a nice, cold beer...

This is VG Chartz anyway but this is pretty interesting to say the least.

Saaking4075d ago


You're right. And it's also worth noting that the 360 has a WHOLE YEAR worth of sales all to itself. Therefore, in all fairness, the 360 isn't really leading as it had a fake start. Fine?

DaTruth4075d ago

It's because you guys are not taking into account those nameless countries known as "others"; Where they buy 10x more 360's than PS3's!

LOL @ VGChartz!

vhero4075d ago

360 sales have been massively boosted by the mass bannings.

Guitarded4075d ago

Let's be generous and say The PS3 outsells 360 by 50,000 a week at the current price point. 50,000 x 4 = 200,000 a month. 200,000 x 12 = 2,400,000 a year. 2,400,000 a year = 3 years to catch 360. Being generous and not considering further price cuts by both.

2013 the year the PS3 climbs out of the basement confirmed!

twoface4075d ago

Woah, aren't you saying that xbox360 belongs in the basement after all? That's sad but deserving I guess.

Rampant4074d ago

It's strange how ps3fanboys can't be satisfied with a great console, great games and a great blurayplayer. It has to be BETTER than the opposition, and everything the opposition does is crap. I guess they are still feeling depressed after all that ranting in 2005: "The ps3 will kill 360 in 06."

Well, guess what, both consoles are great with great games and both consoles are very healthy and this is a good thing for the games industry. So get your head out of your assses and face reality, I think you will enjoy it more than the dark void you're lurking in now.

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badz1494075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

a new VGChartz?

edit: my bad, IT IS VGChartz!

edit2: I might just approve this. may be it will spark something fun to watch!

badz1494075d ago

it's already started up there! ^^^ where's my pop corn?! (^_^)v

Digital-_-Smoke4075d ago

Lol somehow I think ps3 has sold more than that VGCHARTZ FTL

morganfell4075d ago

Exactly. A little simple math shows they think that except for Japan the PS3 and 360 are in a dead heat and that just isn't the case.

Perkel4075d ago

# PlayStation 3 - 326,920
# Xbox 360 - 294,378

lol .... in this weak ps3 sold more in every place us/eu/jp and alone in japan was more than 25k sold more ps3 than xboxes... let alone europe and us...

vg chartz are crap.... seriously i mean it !

if i'll have some time i count from media create , npd and eu ...

i think it's more like 100k ps3 more than x360 this weak...

doG_beLIEfs4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

The 360 fans have nothing left but their ever dwindling sales lead between the TWO CURRENT generation consoles on the market. On top of that Sony counts sold to actual living breathing CUSTOMERS (has done so since just b4 the launch of the PS3 in 2006 May I think) while MS counts SHIPPED as sold. So a conservative estimate is I dunno 1.5 Million consoles that are NOT in customers hands.

The writing is on the wall, the fat lady is about to sing, you can book it, lead pipe lock it....the PS3 will outsell the 360 WW for the duration of this generation. Why do I say this?

So much more for the SAME price.
20+ FP developers cranking out games on a beast of a machine
The PS brand is still a big deal
2010 will have the mother load of BIG BIG BIG PS franchises showing up.

So, if by fudging sales numbers in favor of 1 console while at the same time fudging sales numbers NOT in favor of another console makes them feel better then I say more power to them. Just think of it like Fixed Views showing year old videos as JUST RELEASED footage of teabagger events or Sarah (Bible Spice) Palin book signing events to make them appear much bigger than they really are.

I will be too busy scrounging up enough money to buy GT5, GOW3, WKS, MNR, the motion controller (mostly for the kids), HR, MAG, Agent, The LG and so many more that I cannot think of or have not been officially announced yet.

4Sh0w4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

"A little simple math shows they think that except for Japan the PS3 and 360 are in a dead heat and that just isn't the case." morganfell

"lol .... in this weak ps3 sold more in every place us/eu/jp and alone in japan was more than 25k sold more ps3 than xboxes... let alone europe and us..."

"So, if by fudging sales numbers in favor of 1 console while at the same time fudging sales numbers NOT in favor of another console makes them feel better then I say more power to them."
doG beLIEfs

lol, So you're pointing the finger at vgchart while not posting 1 ounce of proof that contradicts vg's #'s, vgchartz #'s vs NPD have been pretty close this last yr and plenty of times they were off a bit in favor of ps3

You guys are going off of last week numbers which reported the week prior numbers, every week vg reports this week on last weeks numbers, these current numbers are potentially in the ballpark since MW2 could have had a significant impact on 360 sales last week in the US and UK where it sold very well and could have easily offset ps3's Japan sales. I even saw a someone referencing Amazon #'s which are consistently better for the ps3 in the US even when the 360 was outselling ps3 all year in US NPD #'s.

In other news "Theres no way Toyota sold 5000 more cars than Honda last month because I said so."

morganfell4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Some short sighted people on this board believe you can publish anything and it's undeniably true until someone proves otherwise. So no matter what anyone says on the Internet, it is gospel until proven otherwise...

"I didn't inhale."
"I did not have sex with that woman."
"I did not bet on Pro Baseball. Okay, I didn't bet on my own team."
"I never said the war was over."


This isn't a court of law, it is a court of common sense. There are plenty of individual hardware sales reports available that make this vgchartz affair look like the sham that it is. Can't find them? Well you have no business gaming if your search engine manipulation is so sophomoric that simple matters elude you.

And considering vgcharts sordid history they are the last entity that should be given credit. They only rank so because 360 fanboys are so mind numbingly desperate they will buy into any reporting that fails to reveal the truth that the 360 is in the beginning of it's death throes. Tough.

The 360 is a last generation console that is receiving it's comeuppance for microsoft's belief that "First to Market" is all that mattered in the sales war. It is dying a much overdue death because Redmond espouses the idea that a little exclusive DLC rates as quality rather than funding a sufficient number of studios to serve the customer base.

Welcome to the 21st century micro$oft.

Perkel4075d ago

@ 4Sh0w

Try to find some media create,npd sales sum it up, will you ? I don't want to look for something that is clear as sky.

vgchartz is runned by some x360 fanboy who was kicked from neogaf for making crap like vgchartz do.

They are legitimate as I and You.

I say 400k , you say 200k, vg chartz say 500k, someone also will say some other number but one thing is in common. We are making assumtion based on our knowlage of gaming market. It isn't legitemate at all.

Legitemate data is data provided by media create, npd. They are doing some reserch before they post sales. Yeah they are not covering all market but they are also making assumptions based on facts not feel.

Just look what VGCrap has on their site.

In recent finantial raport Sony stated 27mln+ ps3 SOLD TO CONSUMERS. This is a fact because this is official info for their shareholders.

Now look what number figures in ps3 wordwide sales from lunch ? hmm ?

ok .. maybe some more...

ODST Sold 2 milions day one ...

after few days , worwide sels were like 1,87 mln not 2 mln day one..

If you believe vgchartz it's your choice but don't try to make everyone believe.

They are saying on site that they are legitemate but they aren't at all.

Lumbo4075d ago

@Perkel: Sony never reported "Sold to customer", Sony only reports "Sold" to the shareholders, and "sold" for a manufacturer equals "sold to retail" or "shipped"

All 3 Console makers report the SAME number, Microsoft reports "shipped" as in shipped to retail, 'Nintendo reports shipped as in shipped to retail and Sony also reports shipped as in sold to retail. Sony formerly reported "shipped" as in shipped from the factory to the warehouse but changed that reporting to the more cashflow oriented Sony->Retail one. And to avoid any mixup with the old numbers they named it "sold" to differentiate from the old "shipped"

Neither Sony nor Nintendo, nor Microsoft, nor the CIA nor the Illuminati know how many Systems have sold to CUSTOMERS. All consumer sales data is estimates. And for a financial report you do NOT estimate, you count. And the only thing you can count is how many systems you sold to the retail chains. For shareholders that is the important number, cause manufacturers make the money upon selling their wares to the retail chain, NOT when the shop sells it to the customer.

DaTruth4075d ago

Not this again!

So I guess Sony came out and made an announcement that they are going to report sales differently by reporting sales the exact same way they did before. What would be the point of such an announcement?

There would absolutely be no point. That's one among many reasons you are wrong.

Plenty of companies track their products through to consumers and I will not type it out again as I've made you guys eat it 5 times already.

All you need to know is you're wrong, so please stop saying this every time it comes up!

Guitarded4075d ago

Sony does not have a crystal ball that can see how many PS3s are sold to consumers. When Sony "sells" a PS3 to a retailer they are paid. The retailer does not then report to Sony how many they have sold to the consumer. Sony can estimate just like NPD and VGChartz and that is DA TRUTH!

GarandShooter4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

No crystal ball needed, just a brain and some logic. Any warranted and serial numbered product can be tracked through to sold to customer. Major retailers record, in some fashion or other, serial numbers of products sold. It's what prevents you from returning your friends out of warranty console using the receipt for the console you just purchased. DaTruth is absolutely correct in his assessment.

CWMR4074d ago

Lumbo and Guitarded are correct. All companies report sold to retail. GarandShooter and DaTruth don't have a clue what they are talking about.

XxZxX4074d ago

lol those who said VGChartz is right has no idea what they talking about. Time to time again, we see Vgchartz has to adjust their data to NPD, and you guys still say it right? what a clueless bunch

Perkel4074d ago

@ Lumbo

In many things i agree with you, but not this time. There isn't any reason that Sony would change from shipped (from pevious raports) to sold (in new raports) if they don't have to. Also they done official press conference about it. Also why npd even vgchartz raport in many games almost same sales for both consoles ? Where is this 6mln + console users to buy more games that ps3 players ? Hmm ?

Also shipped units are numbers with rrod consoles.

That's why ps3 sales for games are closing to x360 sales sometimes selling even more. 6 milion + consoles more sold it's fat big lie. I think it's rather 1 mln - 1,5 mln.

Also Sony doesn't make perfect numbers for their sells. In last finance raport they stated Approx. 27mln + . Not like every other NPD, VGCHARTZ, MEDIA CREATE. They didn't say "27.234.876 consoles sold.. "

I lol every time i see npd or media create or VGchartz (that's even more funny) that they state perfect number like 35,861 or 254,865. As someone here said you can't count every console sold to consumer and Sony don't count every console. Only vg chartz (lol) npd , media count every console wich is a lie itself.

mint royale4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )


'In recent finantial raport Sony stated 27mln+ ps3 SOLD TO CONSUMERS. This is a fact because this is official info for their shareholders'

LOL! What a load of crap. Supposedly selling to consumers has nothing to do with info to sharholders. In fact it proves the opposite of what your saying. Shareholders are concerned with how much money Sony are paid. Who pays sony? The retailers! Its not hard but I know many of you seem to be brainwashed on this site.

As for sony not giving exact numbers well well done for spotting. Its a shame you didn't spot that MS and Nintendo give the same rough numbers (eg. 27.6 million or Sony, 52.5 million for Nintendo). Does this mean all 3 now report sold to consumers? Shock horror!

Maybe you made us eat it in your own head :) Please face it that it is YOU who is wrong.

There was a point in announcing they had changed the way they reported when Sony changed from reporting to warehouses to retailers because shareholders would now understand what Sony's sales numbers meant. No company in the world reports sold to consumers. Why would they want to? Sony is a company like any others and they want the show the biggest amount of sales possible.

Can you please also answer me why companies such as NPD exist if Sony has better info? And why do Sony release statements every month in relation to NPD numbers? Surely they'd have better numbers....

But I guess there is none so deaf than those that won't listen.

Sorry I forgot consoles were not electronics now and had to be tracked for their inservice dates!

GarandShooter4074d ago


Talk about no clue, I guess reading comprehension is not your strong point as well. I nowhere stated about what numbers companies were reporting, just the ability to track through to retail. What is incorrect in my assessment? Can you fake out BestBuy by returning your out of warranty console with a receipt from a recent purchase? I repeat, any serial numbered, warranted product CAN be tracked through to retail. Understand now?

And by the way, I happen to work in an industry that tracks through to retail, to consumer numbers, the automotive industry. How else do you think they know the 'in service' date of your vehicle, and thus the warranty expiration? Or maybe you think everyone that buys a new car is carrying their 'cash register receipt' around in their wallet just in case warranty repairs are needed?

sikbeta4074d ago

If you think VzGzChartz is lying, well guesstimates is the CORE of the site itself

SO, saying VzGzChartz is laying and FAIL and bla-bla not change anything

Real NPD numberz > VzGzChartz estimatez

If you defend VzGzChartz (¿?!) and think is a RELIABLE source, WTH! you are a VzGzChartz Fanboy, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Really, the site is based only on estimated numberz, just take it as a REFERENCE

mint royale4074d ago


Exactly I agree. Even Vgchartz themselves say their numbers are estimates and are ballpark figures. It is baisically a free resource that allows people to see the rough sales of everything in videogames. No harm in that. They are not 100% accurate but they are not a million miles away.

GarandShooter4074d ago

@ mint

What does the type of product have to do with the fact that warranties have an inception date (usually the date of purchase, and with autos if the vehicle was a demonstrator, it would be the date the vehicle was put 'in service' as a demo, hence the semantic difference) and last for a defined amount of time? Isn't that the very nature of a time based warranty?

Try again!

And for various other doubters:

How many of you who have had RRoD had to provide an original sales receipt to MS? No one I know had to, I didn't, and through my unit's serial number they knew when my warranty 'in service' date began. Amazing! Do 360's have an internal clock that records this info? No. They either base it upon XBL activation, which could cause them to honor longer warranties on a small percentage of consoles that were used prior to online activation, or through serial number information gathered from retailers. Regardless the ability to track is there, whether you choose to close your eyes to it or not.

4Sh0w4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

"Can you please also answer me why companies such as NPD exist if Sony has better info? And why do Sony release statements every month in relation to NPD numbers? Surely they'd have better numbers.... "

Thats exactly right, if Sony were tracking "sold to consumer" like NPD does with some accuracy(still not 100%) then they would have NO REASON TO ACCEPT AND REFERENCE NPD SALES. They would simply put out a statement that says something to the effect that "Our internal tracking data confirms we have sold ___ consoles this month." Of course then they would have to release details about how they track sales data through so many retailers, which could then of course be verified by fact checking the info through most of the major retailers. The very fact that they reference NPD in official statements is because they know NPD sales data is more accurate than their own because unlike all companies, including sony they are not tracking "sold to retailers" or in some cases some companies even count "shipped"/ "in transit"/"stock in a warehouse" as sales(to impress shareholders) but NPD does the best at tracking "sold to consumers" numbers.

Perkel, you're not making much sense, even your rant about vg chartz ODST sales numbers are ridiculous, since vg chartz reported ODST sales were approximately 2 mil WORLDWIDE
while NPD as always ONLY REPORTS U.S. sales. lol sony references what they sold to retailers in their financial reports(thats all shareholders care about since all of it is paid for by the retailers already) vgchartz is simply estimating based on what their sources say have actually "sold to consumers"= which is why you see a difference in the numbers. That said vgchartz themselves call their sales data ESTIMATES, I think they generally do a pretty good job but I still don't take their data as anymore than just that, an estimate, sony reports sold to retail numbers just like every other company.

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Lykon4075d ago

I just cannot take the wii seriously, i do not understand why this device is selling so well, it is completely beyond my comprehension as someone that loves games why anyone would choose this over the gamecube which IMO is a fairly decent gaming console, and certainly not over current gen systems like ps3/360.

Grandreaper99994075d ago

The Wii isn't for those who love videogames. If you looked at their line-up, they are doing the minimum amount of work to push software sales to people who actually play games as their major hobby. Do you know any parents who use Facebook and play web games? I believe it's that crowd that continues to buy these things. Those who are into exercise tapes and things like that are also the ones being duped into buying the console. I'm sure they think it's a "new thing", and it's the "thing to do because they heard about them from someone somewhere".

doG_beLIEfs4075d ago

The Wii really is not in the videogame market. It is in the FAD market, the she has 1 so I need 1 market, the I must buy it because its the in thing to buy...etc.

The FAD is winding down in the land of the rising sun as well as the EU, its just the lemmings in the USA who keep eating up the repackaged GameCube. Give the USA about 6 more months and I think even here the FAD will fade.

This generation of consoles is a 2 horse affair, the Wii is not and should not be counted as a current generation console anymore than the PS2 is. Add a wagglemote to the PS2 and you have a Wii.

Chubear4075d ago

You wonder why 90% of Nintendo's E3 presentation is on wii party type games? Cause that's their new core base. The traditional gamer is a side note and thus they cater to the main core base first then the traditional base later.

Just watch the past E3s and the ones coming up. Nintendo don't give a rats butt about the traditional gamer as much. There new console is soaring cause of their new base and that's who they're going to take care of first.

They know they can throw out another Mario, Zelda, Metriod, Kart game and that will keep their traditional gamer base quite and loyal to fluff up the sales more.

Think about it. Since the NES Nintendo has maninly relied on the traditional gamer and it's sales has been dropping each gen from 65mill-47mill-35mill-22mill. This is the first time Nintendo's console has had a boost past it's predecessors and Nintendo are taking care of the people responsible for their current surge of success - The non-traditional gamer. Makes logical business sense.

mastiffchild4075d ago

Not entirely, Chubear, as MS and Sony are making moves on that userbase too now-as well as continuing to service the traditional gamer(who there are JUST as many of if not more btut we've been split up between 360, PS3 and PC with some of us keeping wii's as well for the games there that we do like even if they are fewer in number than previously. This being the case Ninty will need to woo both new nd old gamer alike in future with everyone competeing for "core" and "casual" alike.

The other thing is if they don't provide more core games themselves AND aid third parties to do so as well what happens whent the new user base changes taste and wants a little more from their gaming? They'll se controls they like coming to platforms that already have a plethora of, to them, new and different gaming experiences. Nintendo cannot, imo, keep depending on more and more new gamers. With Sony and MS joing that chase there'll be fewer to go round and the casualmbase will be split like the core gamer is now-then they'll need to pander to us more AND to the chance that some of the new demographic will either give up or move on to PS360 when they decide they want more intense gaming experiences. They may end up just bringing more gamers to Sony or MS long term, imo, if they don't face these issues head on.

sikbeta4074d ago

FAD market?

FAT ASS Daddies?

Well, at least now I know the people that buy these crap lol

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eagle214075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

PS3 and Wii sold way more, and 360 way less. 360 is like #60 on Amazon US and PS3 and Wii are top 5! It's Nov. 21st and 360 is THAT low. :)

@Disagrees: 360 is #66, my

Vgchartz is off at least 50K for both PS3 and Wii. 360 is buttered up because it's doing terrible now.

ReBurn4074d ago

I'm willing to bet that Amazon is not where most people buy their game consoles. Just saying is all.