Forza 3 sells over 1 million

VGarabia: Turn 10 latest driving sim, Forza 3 has sold over 1 million copies since it was released on October 27th, 2009.

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buckethead_9114080d ago

Well Deserved! Congratulations to Microsoft and Turn 10.

IcyJoker1874080d ago

"According to VGchartz,"


4080d ago
Projekt7tuning4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I know this may be VGchartz, but people ragged so hard on Forza during the NPD numbers, and that was only for 4 days of the month, and it still placed in the top ten. this is going to be very high up on the charts this month. I love this game. Its holding me over quite well till GT5 comes out. Im a Scca driver, and racing instructor and I think forza is one of the best console sims out. It has some of the best driving physics. Im also stoked for GT5. Im an absolute racing junkie. Its alot cheaper buying games than it is buying tires for a race weekend, plus race gas, and travel expenses. I love having A PS3 and 360. This is such a good time to be a gamer.

Just a question, why disagrees for the comment I made? I did not attack any game or system, and I just said I cant wait for GT5 too.
I truly love both games, so why the disagrees? Was it because people dont like the fact forza still made the top ten after only being on sale for 4 days last month? Please lets have a civil debate about this not phantom disagrees. Well I hope everyone has a bad ass weekend.

HardcoreGamer4080d ago

we have infinited bundles in uk stores of tesco, sainsburys and asda, they are doing deals such as buy an elite 360 and get 3 games free which are fifa 10 forza and mw2

this bundle is selling like water on a scorching hot day. i was expected high numbers and well over a million.

gaffyh4080d ago

The reason Forza didn't do well in NPD, was because US gamers are not racing sim fans, to the same extent as European or Japanese gamers. GT5 for example, WILL sell more in Europe and Japan, than in the US.

Projekt7tuning4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

@ gaffyh without being argumentative wasn't it true that forza was only out in the us from October 26th-30th 4 day, and still sold close to 150,000. If im wrong I wouldn't doubt it, some of the charts can get damned confusing. Like I said without trying to argue can you enplane to me if that is inaccurate. I thought it did kind of well for only being out fro 4 days and placing in the top 10. Im a big Sony and Microsoft fan I just love racing sims. It would seem though this month should be fairly larg for the game. Im by no means saying it going to beat GT5, but I will say they both have there charms. I finally have given prologue a brake for Forza. know I just need GT5 and im set.

Believe it or not F355 challenge and Race pro and some of the other sim bin game are some of my favorites. They may not have had the best graphics but the car physics were so spot on I loved the. hard as hell but good games.

Anon19744080d ago

Considering 90% of games never hit one million their entire lifetime on the Xbox 360, any game that hits one million and up should be considered a huge win. Forza 3 did this in one month where it took Forza 2 over 3 months.

What I find surprising is that Forza hasn't been more of a target for those sales fanboys. I know the second a PS3 title doesn't sell one million instantly there's no end of people leaping up from under their bridges to condemn those titles as flops and the gaming media is more than happy to join in. Does anyone remember all those articles examining "Slow Little Big Planet" sales, or the same thing with Killzone 2? I haven't seen one article yet examining "Slow Forza 3" sales. Just goes to show how ridiculous some of these sites are.
At any rate, it sounds like Forza 3 deserves these excellent numbers. Again, good job!

Xeoset4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Way to pull numbers out of your arse.

Out of 700-800 odd Xbox 360 titles, something like 117, now 118 have sold more than 1 million.

Christ, Halo 3 has sold more than 10 million alone. Unlike PS3 gamers, Xbox 360 players buy games.

EDIT: More than 10% of XBL! Arcade games have sold greater than 1 million. Seriously, go troll elsewhere.

gaffyh4080d ago

@1.7 - Yes, 100% true. I'm just saying that the game was always more likely to sell better in Europe and Japan, because by Xbox fans own standards, Forza 3 is a flop if it didn't sell millions of copies on the first day.

They brought this on themselves, because like Forza 3, Kilzone 2 came out on February 27th, which meant it only included 2 days of sales (whereas Forza had 4 days) for the February NPD (because Feb has 28 days). It sold 323,000 copies in the NPD, yet every fanboy came here with their usual, retarded comments.

Now it is the playstation fans right to do the same if they want to. As I said, Xbox fans brought it on themselves, stupidity begets stupidity.

xTruthx4080d ago Show
gaffyh4080d ago

@xtruthx - I think he is talking about all 360 games (including multiplats), which still don't total 117 games, but it is more than the amount of exclusives that have sold over a million.

Anon19744080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I was just going by VGchartz. They show 76 360 games over the one million mark, and metacritic shows over 725 games released for the 360 (and those are only the games they have enough review scores for). It's not perfect, but it gives us the general idea, which is my point.
It doesn't matter if it's only 5% of games that hit one million, or 10 or 15%. The point I was trying to make is that the vast majority of titles released never hit one million.

It's sad that you tried to turn this into some kind of console wars thing. The PS3 has been exactly the same based on million plus sellers from VGchartz and total games from metacritic. That was my point. Turn 10 should be happy that they've hit one million already. That's a milestone. You're the one turning this into console wars BS.

You accuse me of pulling numbers out of my ass but at least I can point to where I get my data from and say "Here's what I'm basing this on."
Where are your figures coming from?

You're probably just threatened because I have a valid point. We're not seeing articles about Forza 3 being a sales flop (which it isn't) but we were inundated with articles about Killzone2/LBP sales woes. This isn't about your "one system over the other" BS that you obviously want to propagate. It's simply an observation that you have a problem with for some reason.

RockmanII74080d ago

1 - Halo 3
2 - ODST
3 - CoD2
4 - CoD3
5 - CoD4
6 - CoD5
7 - MW2
8 - Mass Effect
9 - Forza 2
10 - Forza 3
11 - Fable 2
12 - Assassins Creed
13 - Guitar Hero 2
14 - Guitar Hero 3
15 - Marvel: UA
16 - GTA4
17 - Mercenaries 2
18 - Bioshock
19 - Gears
20 - Gears 2
21 - L4D
22 - Madden 07
23 - Madden 08
24 - Madden 09
25 - R6 Vegas
26 - RE5
27 - Oblivion
28 - Orange Box
29 - Crackdown
30 - Lost Planet
31 - Perfect Dark Zero
32 - GRAW
33 - GRAW2
34 - Halo Wars
35 - Dead Rising
36 - UFC 2009
37 - DoA4
38 - NG2
39 - Viva Pinata
40 - Fight Night R3

PS - The only XBLA game to sell 1 million is Uno (Castle Crashers is 900k+)

4Sh0w4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

"We're not seeing articles about Forza 3 being a sales flop (which it isn't) but we were inundated with articles about Killzone2/LBP sales woes."

Darkride where are all these KZ2/LBP sales woes articles that we were "inundated" with? Come on, you have a way of over-dramatizing stuff. LBP was how long ago, and you're off topic complaining about it now? Why do you always have an axe to grind with 360 games? Bro, just let it go, and enjoy what you like. Of course a game like KZ2 is going to be scrutinized, it was promoted and hyped at the time as Sony's biggest heavy hitter at a time when there weren't alot of new releases/heavy hitters to compete with it. No hate but even you have to admit in terms of sales impact KZ2 failed, now that doesn't mean the game failed in terms of quality but if you're being honest for how heavily KZ2 was touted by sony and all over the net, the actual sales numbers were dissapointing. Now as far as game sales go in general most hype 360 games easily surpass 1 mil, actually any decent 360 game should easily sell 2mil the first yr, I think from a sales perspective the only 360 exclusive that can really be considered a flop is Too Human, Kameo and Banjo-Kazooie are dissapointments but who really expects titles like that to sell big on 360?, they also never get the hype treatment like Forza, Gears or Halo. Forza3 is a racing game on 360, in under a month it has sold 1mil, thats not amazingly mindblowing, but pretty good, if this were a Halo or Gears game or say something like SC Conviction, Alan Wake then I would say its mediocore sales because it really wouldn't match the hype+genre, thats the 360 strength. Still you'd be fooling yourself if you can't see 360 games sell very well, theres 76 games according to vg chartz over 1mil on the 360 sure there's alot that don't reach 1 mil in the first year, some never but can you really hold games like Terminator Salvation selling poorly against 360. There are ton's of underwhelming multiplatform games on both consoles so why even bother wondering why they don't sell well?, just look at 360 exclusives and the best multiplatform games available and again its easy to see 360 does very well when it comes to software sells.

hardcore19124080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Your list is retarded. where is Army of Two, Kane and Lynch, Soul Calibur and many more?

And regarding Xbox live arcade games, are you joking? Geometric Wars 1 and 2 is 1 million sellers and there are more arcade games that sold over 1 million.

Saaking4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

there were tons of them and even when KZ2 reached 2 million people still declared it a "disappointment." KZ2 was out in Feb. for ONLY TWO days and sold 350k+. Forza was out for 4 days and sold 150K. For THE most HYPED up racer this generation (yes, even more hyped up than GT thanks to MS), Forza didn't do as well; HOWEVER, given that MOST game never even reach that high of a number, I think MS should be very pleased. Hopefully, they'll take more time with the next installment.

Anyways, wait for official numbers. VGchartz has a habit of "helping out" 360 game.

DevastationEve4080d ago

I was demoing an Xbox 360 for a customer at the Best Buy I work at and loaded up the Forza MS 3 Demo. The customer responds "Oh wow, the next GT already came out?" and I said "Do you mean GT 5?". And he says "That's the one after Prologue, right?" and I said "Yeah, but this ain't it. This is Forza MS 3". Then he looks at me like "Really? And it's not on PS3?", I responded with "No, it's an Xbox 360 exclusive. But if what you HAVE is a PS3 then just hold on until GT 5 comes out next year".

He bought a 360 that day :) And Forza Motorsport 3. And asked if we offered a trade in value for previously owned PS3 games and/or consoles.

Saaking4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )


lmao good story. You should become a fiction writer.


I once worked at best buy and I showed this guy Killzone 2. He was blown away. The next day he came back and told me he had sold his 360 and Halo and purchased a Ps3 right there with Killzone 2 and LBP. He said "I can't believe the 360 sucked so much" and went out with a smile on his face.

See, I can do it to.

corneliuscrust4080d ago

an anecdote?

damn dude, grow up.

DocEvil4080d ago

Killzone 2 is a great game but you have to admit that after the E3 trailer in 2005 you couldn't talk about anything without someone mentioning that Killzone 2 was going to be a game changer that would put the ps3 over the top and for almost three years until the game launched the be all end all of every argument on N4G was 'just wait until Killzone 2'. Heck, for the last three or four months before the game launched every comment section was littered with 'killzowned' everywhere and talk of over a million preorders in europe alone so after all that lead up, when the game launched to sales in the hundreds of thousands instead of the millions... well, I'm surprised that people were so kind to it to be honest.

Anon19744080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

4Sh0w asked "Why do you always have an axe to grind with 360 games?"

I'm sorry, did I stutter? What part of "Good job Forza 3" are you confused about? How on earth is that me with an axe to grind?
And as for you're "Where were the slow LPB/Killzone2 articles?" have you been using the same site as me? We are talking about N4G here, right? Or are you suffering from short term memory loss. That wasn't even a year ago. If you're really interested, let me provide you a link.

Fans hyped Killzone2, and it delivered without question. The game is easily over two million. That puts it in the top 5% of games sold this generation, and now Forza 3 looks set to also join those top 5% of sellers.

You said "but even you have to admit in terms of sales impact KZ2 failed"
and that's where I stopped reading. It's clear you don't even have a basic understanding of the video game industry. Every hyped 360 game hits two million indeed....

I'd recommend you do a little research, examine what games sales really look like and then, if you're still interested in discussing the matter I'm up for debate. In the meantime, better to remain silent and thought the fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Edit @ ApocalyPS3 above: I once worked in RadioShack and a customer came up to me and asked if our remote controlled boats also work in water. And I was asked if I had that computer with the button that you could click on and off. Or the guy who wanted to refurb his whole house to run off car batteries because Y2K was going to be the end of the world. The world's full of uninformed consumers. What's your point?

Guido4080d ago

Sorry, but I don't typically judge a game by number sold but this one was supposed to be the next coming of the christ and it is not even selling half of what GT5 Prolog sold. Pathetic.

Halo3 MLG Pro4080d ago

LOL. The mods suck on this site. :)

BaSeBaLlKiD7214080d ago

Yeah I know... Otherwise you would've been banned from this site a LONG time ago

DocEvil4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

" is not even selling half of what GT5 Prolog sold. Pathetic. "

Well, Forza 2 which was launched around the same time as prologue has sold about 4 million copies just like prologue has but it only sold 650k in it's first month. Gran Turismo 3, the best seller in the series which has sold about 15 Million, sold about 1M in it's first month aswell so I guess by your comment that makes it pathetic too. All racing games have long legs, a good racing game will always sell well over the long haul.

4Sh0w4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Darkride in your original #1.8 post you say only 90% of games do as well as Forza3 has done with 1 mil in less than a month, you even note that Forza3 only took 1 month to reach Forza2's sales benchmark, but then in your very next paragraph you ask why the game is not a target of "slow sales" articles. lol, So haven't you just answered your own question?= Forza3 did great in its first month and even surpassed its predecessors sales, yet although you say congratulations you still seem to be hoping for negative spin about the game, which is why I say you have an axe to grind with 360 games, what I should have said though, is that you always seem to have an axe to grind about any news positive for 360 or microsoft in general.

Now its seems you miss the point I was making, which is fair or not sometimes there is a certain amount of expectations placed on big releases that recieve alot of hype, had Forza3 not surpassed Forza2 so quickly, I'm sure there would be a few articles about it, as it stand's now, so far its on track to do much better than Forza2= meeting or exceeding expectations of the public/media. Now what's funny is the link you provided from Google only has 3 LBP posts referencing LBP sales being slow dated Nov14 '08, Nov20 '08, and Dec12 '08, 2 from 1up, 1 from Destrutoid, I wouldn't exactly call that "inundated", which is why I say you are over dramatizing things, the next the 4th link on the google link is good news about UC2,(Nov12 '09) it shows up because LBP is also mentioned and so on.

Now again when expectation doesn't meet hype of course the media will examine it, SCEA Marketing Manager said Sony planned to make LBP's Sackboy into qoute: "The next emblematic character for the PS3", the games Associate Producer, Eric Fong said LBP would be qoute: "hardware seller."

Now you're acting as if there was this long drawn out bashing of LBP's sales, no it wasn't, whats even more ironic is that even sony was obviously expecting more better sales out of the gate for LBP, or they would have responded differently to the news media= SONY THEMSELVES AGREED THAT THE INITIAL SALES WERE LOW:

"In a report from Ars Technica, Sony's head of public relations in the U.K., David Wilson, explained that the low numbers are due to a flooded marketplace."

Now finally again with KZ2, as much as you might want to stick your head in the sand and say KZ2 delivered on every level, then go right ahead, what you forget is like I mentioned above how you or I might feel about the games quality is another subject, but clearly from a sales perspective KZ2 was a dissapointment out of the gate and truthfully for it being sony's flagship title with a huge budget even 2mil isn't too impressive, since if you use google then you could easily find plenty of articles prior to KZ2's launch speculating on just how huge sales for KZ2 would be, questioning if it would come close to Halo3 and most likely at least MGS4 numbers. The truth is both these consoles get their fair share of negative and positive news, but its pointless for me to go to positive ps3 news and imply there should be some negative news about this game or that game just because I saw some negative news about a 360 game a year ago, Come on bro, grow up.

BLuKhaos4080d ago

but I thought 1 million sales meant it was a flop, especially for the so called GT killer...

table4080d ago

you totally missed the point mate, darkride is correct. You are trying to argue that because the media(not sony) played up Killzone2 to be a Halo killer its a failure since it didn't do massive numbers? You also seem to ignore the fact that Turn10 cried 'definitive racer' several hundred times so that we were all sick of it yet you argue this doesn't count when it doesn't do GT numbers? Stop mixing up media bias with fact. If this was on ps3 we know it would get slaughtered in the media reading cries of flop despite the games quality. I personally think selling over a million is great for a game but I'm damn sick of this biased media that a lot of people try to sweep under the rug.

vhero4079d ago

I bet GT5 sells the same amount on its first day.. No offense but 360 fans are banging on about this like its a great thing? yet these are the same people who 6 months ago were calling Killzone a failure as it only sold over 1 million in first month? Yet PS3 still had less consoles on the market? You guys just make this crap up as you go along don't you? The fact Halo sells 10 million on 360 and this sells 1 million must mean its a failure by 360 fanboys own judgement no? I mean you guys said killzone was a failure and it sold more copies at 4 weeks heres proof

xTruthx4079d ago

How the hell was my comment off topic and xeoset's comment is still there ? This mods are a joke

4Sh0w4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Iam not missing the point at all, if you read my 2nd post carefully, I fully explain in detail what I meant, and its not just a media thing, why do you guys always think sony is innocent, they hyped KZ2 all the way from that fake vid to all their comments about how ground breaking KZ2 would be, to of course the usual can't be done on 360 comments, you may see that as just them telling the truth, its still translate to sony having a huge hype train behind the game, which generates alot of attention, and consequently raises expectations alot. Listen I'm not trying to be bash any ps3 games at all but if you guys can't understand there is a CLEAR DIFFERENCE between the expectations of KZ2 and the expectations of Ratchet & Clank game then theres just no reasoning with you. I don't see any low sales articles about the latest Ratchet game and of course it didn't sell 1 mil in a month, neither is Demon Souls, neither did Viva Pinata, neither did Banjo& Kazooie, and you know what I highly doubt you will ever see "slow sales" articles from any respectable sites for those type of games. Remember Too Human, it was hyped up alot, recieved alot of attention, Silicon Knights was a respected dev, they talked the game up for its innovative controls, intuitive combat system, co-op etc, etc= expectations were high, even for a new IP, so its generally regarded as a flop in terms of sales, however 1 difference is, its probably understandable since critics hammered the game with low scores, I generally thought it was a good game, but thats a whole other story. Forza series has never sold huge numbers, Forza2 took quite awhile to reach this same milestone, Forza3 is on track to easily beat Forza2's overall sales, Forza franchise btw is the only racer that even sells well on the 360, EA's Need for Speed games are much further down the 360 sales chartz= For a racer on 360 Forza3 has scored very well and is selling very well, therefore its successful in the eyes of fans and critics alike, again KZ2 was setup, maybe unfairly but still setup none the less as being Halo's rival on the ps3 platform which btw loves their shooters too, look at COD4 ps3 sales, now I'm a reasonable person so I wasn't too surprised it didn't do Halo3 type numbers but in most normal gamers eyes, media, critics and even Sony, we all were realisticly expecting more for THE flagship, big budget, highly touted shooter. I can't believe anybody can say they honestly thought the initial sales estimates of KZ2 first weekend, week or month were consistent with what everybody expected prior to KZ2's release. OK, I'm done talking about it, I was just annoyed at darkride's petty behavior, if you disagree with me thats fine but this is just how I see it.

Anon19744079d ago

4Sh0w said " yet although you say congratulations you still seem to be hoping for negative spin about the game, which is why I say you have an axe to grind with 360 games."

That's absurd. A great game is a great game, no matter what platform it's on. Who in their right mind would have an axe to grind with a game? The axe I have to grind is clearly with so called "game journalists" and their double standard when it comes to reporting games that are, by their definition, "struggling". You seem to be the one trying to read console wars nonsense into other peoples posts.

Now, as for games sales we seem to be operating in different realities. You seem to be laboring under the false assumption that high profile games should hit 2 million right out of the gate to be considered successful. That's where we differ, and that was my point. Gamers who think that a game, any game, needs to sell one million or more right out of the gate to be successful are dead wrong. Simple as that. The one million milestone is extremely rare for any title to reach and there are plenty of high profile titles that haven't hit that mark. As long as they make money, shouldn't that be the measure of a games success? The expectation that games should sell like gangbusters on day one is new to this generation, and it's an unrealistic expectation.

As for your LBP link, did you read it? Did the Sony rep say anywhere that sales were slow, or that they were disappointed with the sales. The article sure tries hard to make it sound like that, but we've got plenty of articles on the other side of the fence stating how pleased Sony and Media Molecule both were with the success LittleBigPlanet achieved. So which is it? Where they making excuses for slow sales or happy that sales exceeded expectations? It can't be both.

And here's another tip about Google search. You claim there were only 3 "slow LBP" sales articles. Try clicking onto the next page and dig a little deeper. Or do I need to provide a link that does that for you as well.
Face it. There's a double standard in game reporting that's undeniable. Sites moan about sluggish PS3 sales when it's outsold the 360 since it launched worldwide, but I can't find a single article talking about sluggish 360 sales. Articles bash LBP, a child's platformer for god's sake, for taking a month to hit one million and yet the 360's top racer does that same thing and no one bats an eye.
If anyone seems to have an axe to grind, it would appear to be you with your defense of these ridiculous articles. I can't believe any thinking gamer could look at this blatant media bias and pretend that it's not happening.
You even go further and make the ridiculous claim, trying to back up your statements, that Forza has never been a big seller anyway. What? Forza 2 moved 4 million copies. I can count on two hands the amount of 360 games that have sold over 4 million. Just because it didn't sell one million out of the gate does that mean those sales don't count?
Give your head a shake.

insomnium4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I really do and I understand both of you. It's been long since I've seen such a civil and well backed up debate on n4g.

My stance has to be closer to that of darkrides. I too believe the media has been screwing around with us gamers for far too long.

The other thing that brings up all the bad blood nowadays is the success of the PS3. There are so many butthurt gamers (from dreamcast and xbox era) who want to see Sony and the PS3 fail so bad they can taste it. It must be a pain in the *ss to now be forced to witness everything coming reality just like many of us ps3-fans told you. It makes things even worse that we really want to rub these things on your faces since YOU were the ones who started it.

The x360 has had the media backing it up since it's launch. The problem multiplies due to the fact that the x360 is american made and also the USA has to be the loudest bunch of people there is and I even think that most of the review sites and such are also american. It really adds up in favor of the x360 like we've seen. That's why it must be hard looking at the sales numbers of the PS3 and you have to make up all sorts of other things to bash it (software sales and online service quality).

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hardcore19124080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Congratulations for Turn 10 for giving us this masterpiece.

Saaking4080d ago

I think Xbox fans can FINALLY understand why sales =/= quality.

alaa4080d ago

Uncharted 2, Forza 3, and Assassin's Creed 2 are the most enjoyable games this year.

Noctis Aftermath4080d ago

You don't even mention Demon's souls? fail.

kingdavid4080d ago

he didnt even mention l4d2, he didnt even mention dragon age? Blasphemy!

FFS Maybe he just doesnt have the game??

Stryfeno24080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Congrats to MS and Turn 10. Sales should continue to rise during the holidays.

Here comes the droids...and back to MW2.

ssipmraw4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

oh please, if sales determines how great a game is then by your logic mario kart pwns all

hell you probably didnt even buy this game, but your still bragging abobut it

iron_sheik4080d ago

The game bombed in USA -175k and barely sold 100k in UK and never existed anywhere in europe

I think in reality the game might have sold around 500k by now
no one believes those fake numbers anyway

flopza3 is a flop -175k 1st month in US

54percent4080d ago

"Here comes the droids...and back to MW2. "
"...and back to MW2"

Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu -bu-but weren't you playing Haloozzz and Teh Flopza 3???

Chubear4080d ago



he buys 1 freakin game every 6 months .

Pirateogta4080d ago


175,000 in its first month, yes. And that first month consisted of 5 days. October 27 - October 31.

Congratulations on 1 million, Forza 3. That's great for a racing sim! Especially with all these other big games coming out this holiday season. Forza Motorsport 3's 92 on MetaCritic and 1 million sales prove it is an incredible game.

AngryTypingGuy4080d ago

I love how you retards always claim to know the "true sales" but never have any evidence to back it up. And it always seems to be PS3 fangirls. Hey guys, get a grip. The PS3 is finally starting to sell well. You can stop falsely accusing VG Chartz of giving bad info. already. How lame.

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peeps4080d ago

actually really surprised the sales figures arn't much higher tbh. i'm sure it will constantly sell though rather than a high number at luanch and then v few copeis after.

might have to pick this up actually cus the other day i won a copy of ACII :D but i already bought the game earlier on that day haha so thinking i'll prob trade it in for something else straight away while it's actually worth something