How Hard Is Too Hard Where Trophies Are Involved? - "Twiggy" The PushSquare Opinionator

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "I hate "Hard" modes. I appreciate some people love them and want to challenge themselves. Me personally - nuh-uh. I want to play my games at a reasonable difficulty. I want to have fun above all else. I don't want to sit weeping into my DualShock replaying the same section over and over just to reach a checkpoint. Thing is - I don't want to do it, but I do. Damn you trophies."

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FishCake9T43436d ago

I know exactly what you mean.

Shadow Flare3436d ago

I hate online trophies. I wish developers would keep trophies single player. And I hate trophies that require way, way too much time to get. Warhawk springs to mind. Its not that hard to get platinum, but you literally have to put 800 hours of your life into it. Sorry, no. Just no. I don't overly have a problem with trophies for difficulty modes, because thats what they're there for. To reward you for being good. But I there's a limit to that.

For instance, anyone seen the lemmings trophies? Theres a gold trophy for saving every single lemming. And I mean EVERY single lemming. Impossible. I don't think anyone's actually done it. Because if you look at the games online leaderboard, there are some levels where people haven't saved every lemming. So nobody has that trophy! Thats when trophies go too far

jerethdagryphon3436d ago

kz2 did em all on elite except for 2

radics and his goons

and defending visali square....

i know how to kill radec easily i just cant get to him.

i agree about the online one expecially rank up trophys

hawx 1.4 million exp to get to 40. averge 1000-1500 per game

morganfell3436d ago

I scored the Platinum on UC and UC2 and it isn't that difficult. What it requires 95% of the time is patience. There are some frantic moments. Crossing the bridge in UC2 where there is a RPG soldier and laser site equipped soldier with a shield carrying soldier en route or in the first game when you reach the plane can be testy but most of the time it requires not getting in too big of a hurry and carefully picking your shots.

mal_tez923436d ago

There are some gunfights you have to do like 10 times but frustration never set in for me. Probably because I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't care when I died. The same goes for Uncharted 2.

The Uncharted games are my only 2 platinum trophies, because they are the best games.

f7897903436d ago

Also the omnipotent enemies in Uncharted on crushing is driving me nuts.

Example: I just got into that castle in Chapter 5. I'm still inside the dark hallways and fire a few shots. All enemies, who can't see me, begin firing in my direction. Go to the corner and poke my head out.... BAM! Three simultaneous shots to my head and I'm dead.

BattleAxe3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I agree, its "some" of the online trophies that are a problem.

Example: Far Cry 2 - There is barely an online community
- Trophy - get 500 revives in Ranked matches
- Trophy - Get to level 10
- Trophy - Get to Level 20
- Trophy - Get to level 30
- The trophy for playing all of the official maps in ranked matches doesn't even work.
- The servers for this game are terrible in that they don't always remember the progress you've made on your rank, so literally you could have 3 or 4 hours of work just dissapear. It would take hundreds of hours to get to level 30.

Killzone 2 - 4 weekly honor rank trophies are totally random.

BattleField: Bad Company - Trophy - Get 10,002 kills
- Trophy - Get all online awards(alot of awards)

I think the point is that you have to put in huge amounts of hours on just one game to get these trophies, but with some games like Far Cry 2 they don't have enough people online to ever make it possible to get some of these trophies. With so many games out, how can any developer expect that people will actually put that kind of time in to get all these trophies, its rediculous. Out of every game that has trophies, Uncharted 1 and 2 are two of the only games that got it right.

gaffyh3436d ago

I don't really care about the "hard" difficulty trophies, because they are simple to get. KZ2 was very very hard on Elite, but UC and UC2 were both doable on Crushing.

The worst trophies are online trophies, and the hardest I've seen are Warhawk's trophies where you have to win a deathmatch, and never die once. Pretty much impossible if you don't cheat.

Sarcasm3436d ago

UC1 and UC2 trophies aren't really that hard to get. I've gotten both platinums with probably 15-20 hours on UC1 and 25 hours on UC2. Granted that's still a lot of actual time, but at least it's not like Resistance 2 where you have to invest half a year to get a damn bronze trophy.

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SeanScythe3436d ago

HAHA MW2 Veteran is a joke. If you want to see a hard game play COD:WAW and come back to me after the second level. That game was insane, it rains grenades and 2 shots your dead. Not to mention the AI is insane and your team mates are worthless. World at war is by far the hardest game i've played and got Plat on.

NecrumSlavery3436d ago

[email protected] is bullcrap hard. You try to run through infinite enemy spawn point and you die automatically. What a nightmare.

MW2 isn't that hard on Vet, i'm about 8 missions in. Not really having a major issue.

Killzone 2 elite...That's a mother f-er right there too.

electricshadow3436d ago

I beat [email protected] on Veteran and it seems the Germans had heat seeking grenades. I counted of many time I died on the second last level...102 times, not in one sitting though. I would have thrown my PS3 controller through my TV. Ah, the life of a trophy whore.

HammockGames3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

The game really wouldn't have been so bad on veteran without those [email protected] grenades raining down. And I do mean raining. And heatseeking.

It wasn't uncommon for me to have grenades on 4 to 6 sides of me, even while moving continuously in and out of cover. It was incredibly cheap. For instance, even if there was only 1 enemy left on the map you'd still get a bunch of grenades popping up, despite the fact that you're actually looking at the guy and shooting him - and he WASN'T making the throwing motion. Ugh.

It was really cheap, but I'm pretty proud of that platinum. Took me a while to stop cursing Treyarch though!

One of my personal beefs is the online trophies that require too much time, like that 10K kill trophy on Resistance 2 (I love the game, I just don't have that much time to dedicate to 1 game, let alone 1 trophy!!!).

Blaze9293436d ago

[email protected] isn't "hard", its cheap. Freaking infinite respwans and grenades thrown at you ever second!? That's just stupid and a cheap way to saying "our game is hard." No, it's not hard, its stupid.

I just beat WM2 on veteran today. Got all the single player achievements. Now to do Spec Ops.

CoD4 was harder than MW2 becuase they had that infinite respawns, lousy checkpoint system that "sometimes" worked, and Mile High Club was a PAIN to complete. I'm surprised they didnt do something similar in MW2.

f7897903436d ago

If I'm going to die from two shots, at least make a realistic amount of enemies to fight.

You don't charge an infinitely fortified enemy position in real life. You take them out one by one then advance.

Sarcasm3436d ago

Actually with MW2, you could use some strategy, patience, and key knowledge of how the level works to beat Veteran.

None of that exists with WaW because of the grenade showers. I hated WaW on Veteran. It's simply cheap and requires 95% luck and 5% skill.

Pillage053436d ago

Agreed...I haven't quite finished MW2 on veteran so far but from what I have played, it's much easier. The checkpoint system is what does it i think. It seems like when you are playing through a sequence, it will just checkpoint after a certain amount of time, regardless of how much progress you actually make.

itsralf3436d ago

[email protected] veteran was perfect, it was supposed to be hard. mw2 veteran mode is easy as hell, i beat it in under six hours on my first play. i have the platinum for both games, and [email protected] was a lot more rewarding. i felt like i actually deserved the platinum. same with killzone 2, i actually had to work to get the platinum. hard modes should be hard, that's why they are gold trophies. nothing is too hard, you just have to put your mind to it and keep your patience.

if you can survive [email protected] veteran and kz2 elite, there's nothing you can't do... EXCEPT for demon's souls platinum.

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Redempteur3436d ago

ok ok it's their opinion ... but WHY ?

Why complain ..because of the extra difficulties when they are optionnal ..

last time i checked there were 4 to 5 difficulty settings for uncharted 1 & 2.

People loves challenges ... so let them have their challenges ... and if it's for trophies you're complaining ..some of them are MEANT to be hard ...

What's the point of a gold crushing trophy if it's as easy as the bronze easy one ?

get2sammyb3436d ago

It's not meant to offend or be a knock at any game in particular. It's an individual commentary about the "Hard" difficulties in games, that's all.

More a "story" than a "critique" if you will.

Redempteur3436d ago

Oh yeah ? game are too hard ? oh it's ridiculous ? What did most of use did ? The went to play another game ..

And it was even before the trophies ..

I can't ...i just can't beat the computer on F-zero GX ...i had fun with some friends but that's it ... i let that game down ... it's a fantastic game but it's really hard .it's too hard for me ..And so i went to play something else ...

Oh it's too hard i can't get that trophy ... SO WHAT ? Move on and go play something else ...

Bazookajoe_833436d ago

I often start on normal so i can get a god flow in the game and enjoy the gameplay and the story. Then i go for the trophies, thats where i find it annoying that most games have a unlockable difficulty after hard.

Poopface the 2nd3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

games have gotten way easier since Ive been gaming. Finding a game that offers a challenge without having to put it on super hard extreme mode is great. Unfortunately most games need to be put on hard to even offer a small challenge. I beat dead space on the hardest mode and wish there was an even harder one. I was able to beat redfaction on extreme(the 4th mode) which then automatically changes the extreme to insane mode. Im half way through uncharted 2 on crushing(hard was easy) and it doesnt seem very hard yet.

Im the opposite of this guy, I want my games to have even harder modes(as long as its not cheap, or force you to do some harder-than-the-rest-of-the-ga me/departure-from-the-games-re gular-gameplay part. ex. couldnt beat the car part of gears 1 on the hardest mode, but the rest of the game was easy)

I have a feeling hes crying because he will never be able to beat games on the hardest mode to get the platinum trophies or all the achievements. I get mad if a game doesnt have trophies or achievements for beating the harder modes. I beat red faction on extreme and it didnt give me any achievement for taht and I was mad. So there was no way I was going to replay the game on the new insane mode and not get an achievement for it.

There would be no point in achievements or trophies if it was easy for everyone to get them all.

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