IGN: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Hands-On

So wait -- there're really no weapons? Yes, really. IGN is three hours into the final version of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, shipping exclusively for Wii December 8, and main character Harry Mason doesn't have a) a gun, b) a knife, c) a baseball bat or d) a chainsaw. In fact, his only possessions of consequence are his trusty flashlight, which lights up the darkened hallways of the seemingly abandoned high-school he presently finds himself in; and his iPhone-like cell phone, which houses everything from the obvious ability to answer and make calls to a camera and even a dynamic map that helps him on his way.

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mastiffchild3441d ago

Looks pretty cool to me-lets hope it sells well enough for Ninty to RELEASE Fatal Frame 4 in the WEST! Funnily enough i don't really count REmakes or rail shooters as proper survival horror(REmakes because, duh, we KNOW what's gonna happen and rail shooters because they're basically , y'know, shooting galleries and no more scary than Links Crossbow Training--and in many ways, less so)or rail shooters(extraction or RE chronicles games)so since RE4 we've had NOTHING in the wets so sort it out! Hopefully this will live up to it's billing as a thinking mans horror game this time round rather than the last, shoddy, PS3 SH game.