Comparison: God Of War Collection Vs. Original PS2 Games has captured video of God of War and God of War II, and then the same games from the just released PS3 God of War Collection. They've put the videos together and offered comparison and analysis between the two versions. There are two videos, the first one can be watched below.

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YLOD Service Tech3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Still looks like crap. This overhyped trash should've stayed in last-gen where it belongs. Heck, GoW3 doesn't even pass as a current gen game.

3590d ago
PirateThom3590d ago

It's sad that the one game that used to get respect from all sides is now being bashed by children.

raztad3590d ago

So much hate YLOD. A sad individual indeed. Bad thing for you Halo3 and ODLC are still last gen.

Unicron3590d ago

Pirate, what do you expect from imbeciles who think Halo invented FPS?

theDutchFella3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

and the verdict is...

redsquad3589d ago

Then praise whatever Microsoft gods you worship in your misguided little world that you'll never, EVER have to suffer any of the GOW series' brilliance on your tatty little console.

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ElementX3590d ago

Poop with AA is still poop, but it looks sharper.

Yes, God of War games have aged, a lot....
It's still the same low polygon count game people played years ago. The only difference is AA. Not saying the games are bad, but they're not anything spectacular, either. It's the same game with less jaggies. That's it.

Chubear3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

..and yet manages to look better than all in-house 1st party games on current gen format on that other console. lol

Great comparison vid. One of the best ways I've seen it done in a long time.

ThatCanadianGuy3590d ago

It's crazy how a remastered PS2 game like GoW looks better than any current 360 game.

Baka-akaB3590d ago

mm you're being full of crap here ... GoW 1 and 2 were graphical masterpieces . they aint my favorite , as i'm a bigger fan of the dmc serie and ninja gaiden .. however they do deserve some huge props in the realisation area .

The original ps2 games could have easily been released as next gen launch titles , and this hd remaster kinda proves it .

It still got jaggies and low polygon count compared to today's games ? Well oddly thank the gods for that , otherwise we'd have to wonder what have some studios been doing with the ps3 and 360 ..

-Alpha3590d ago

Fighting fire with fire gets you nowhere.

If you are going to reply to him, at least do it without posting an incorrect statement.

guitarded773590d ago

I just watched the HD comparison from on my laptop and it didn't seem to be as great of a difference as actually seeing it in person. I have a backward compatible ps3 and have played both the original and collection, and it is a pretty drastic difference when played in person. The easiest way to compare is to play the collection and when cutscenes from the in game engine show up you can clearly see the difference as these scenes were not updated. I hope to see more PS2 classics get this treatment.

iamtehpwn3590d ago

running in HD from the collection look like early first gen PS3/360 games. Especially god of war II. Great accomplishments.

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Bumpmapping3590d ago

GOW 1-2 Remastered 720p.

Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST 640p LOL!

raztad3590d ago

Very good comparison, the PS3 compatible version is much sharper. The original PS2 game is still a looker though.

I still need to pick this up, I'll do when GoW3 is closer, that way I can have the story arc fresh, starting from Chain of Olimpus. GoW == EPIC.

Nac3590d ago

Id like to see Halo 1 and Halo 2 remasterd on one disc in HD, hell, Id like to see Halo 3 in HD.

raztad3590d ago

I see what you did there

Nac3590d ago

In all seriousness though, that would be cool; seeing as MS no longer release Xbox originals on Live and Halo 2 was never on the Market Place.

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