Infinity Ward Already Planning MW2 DLC

According to's review of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward is already planning on creating DLC in the form of both Map Packs, as well as more missions for the popular Spec Ops Game Mode.

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komp3442d ago

The whole of MW2 is just DLC bolted on the COD4 engine.

I wonder how many will fall for it again.

Fishy Fingers3442d ago

Remind me, which sequels that released during the same console generation used different engines?

I know it's the "in" thing to do at the moment, hate on COD, but I'll be picking up any DLC if I think it's worth it and no doubt I'll be enjoying it while you continue to moan about it.

Saaking3442d ago

IW is just so low on my list of best developers right now. Too bad, they used to be great. Guess the success got to their heads.

claney3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Didnt they plan it, add it to the game, then hide it for future unlockablity and say hey look what we just made up for you, now give us the $20AUD.

which is like $10USD ignore the exchange rate its a lie.

evrfighter3441d ago

The CoD hate bandwagon had started before they decided to rick roll pc gamers. BUT it wasn't until they did that that. That the bandwagon went into full swing.

Which only means. They brought it upon themselves.

ZBlacktt3441d ago

All I can say is damn this BFBC2 is fun! The graphic's are tight for a beta. The sounds are just damn epic! Best I've ever heard in a war type game setting. Blowing up stuff is so epic. Just a total win win game!

Tr10wn3441d ago

Agree BFBC2 is fun just got the beta yesterday and is fun but MW2 is way better.

Bnet3433441d ago

I want more Spec Ops missions! They are hella fun, especially the one in Alpha where you're in the snow as a sniper and you gotta be stealthy. Very fun with a buddy online.

SixZeroFour3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

agree with claney...i thought it was already "planned", not "being planned"...wasnt there already atleast one confirmed dlc map pack that had a leaked date on the monster energy drink cans (or one of the energy drink cans), but i guess they mean dlc missions

Apocwhen3441d ago

That's my fav Spec Ops mission. It's so awesome playing with a buddy, taking out each patrol on sync.

AAACE53441d ago

MW 1 was good! MW2 is good! Both games are fun to play... so why do people hate this game so much? Is it the graphics? I was shocked at how much better the graphics were over MW 1. Is it the story? Most games are becoming shorter and more action packed with the main focus being placed on multiplayer... Not to mention, most gamers only play through a story once. Is it the hype and drama that has built up leading up to release? I never get too much into all that so it didn't bother me. All I care about is if the game is fun... and to me it is!

Lighten up guys! You treat these game companies like a bully who used to beat you up. If you don't want to deal with them, don't deal with them. But I think it's time to grow up and quit complaining about stuff you can't change... remember that so called boycott... you see how far that got...

Greywulf3441d ago

Its a personal opinion. Some people feel that Activision is half-assing an already short linear game with monster closets and dumb A.I with an underwhelming multiplayer - by multiplayer FPS game standards, and releasing a sequel without improving much to turn a quick buck as fast as possible. Specops could be DLC for MW, everyone knows this. And looking at the bar defining GTA dlc, MW2's content would certainly qualify as DLC. It wont get pinned down for it though as its advertising budgets & media perks to be part of its hype-train are too great.

Which is fine, its the same thing Madden does. You saw how 2k became big for a while until they also started doing the same half-ass rehash of code with a new coat of polish. Now add in Activisions attitude towards the PC, and the price hike. MW is as fun as any online FPS is going to be, and needless to say things like TF2 are beyond its scope of depth of run and gun spray & pray camp-a-thon-till-you-get-strik es-nade-spam-fest. An arcade FPS to play with friends will always be fun, there is no level of fun you're getting in MW2 that you wont find in any co-op mode that actually puts a slight effort forward. Its a popular game for children an adults alike. FPS is just great easy pick-up and play gaming. Its universal, tack on 20 million dollars in advertising for any FPS and you'd get the same results.

As far as the boycott goes, No one does a boycott to put a company under. Its to at least go on record to not support a Company like Activision. I dont think that me not buying a Britney Spears CD is going to ruin her. I don't buy the cd because its garbage.

The direction that Activision wants gaming to go, with Higher priced titles and single game consoles isn't a gaming world which I'd want to participate in as a gamer. Paying top dollar for minimum effort is also something that I don't pride myself in doing, especially for an entertainment hobby. Giving them money for their products just emboldens their decisions. Luckily, the world has seen the FPS phase in PC gaming come and go, and when this gen of gamers mature they will want more than just the same basic FPS with different models. So I feel like its annoying to deal with now, but it has a lifespan hopefully and others titles aren't big enough to warrant such huge advertising budgets. So again, hopefully it will just be isolated Series like Madden/Guitar Hero/Halo/COD.

There is no pay off for trying to push gaming forward anymore it seems. But being "more of the same" is rewarded greatly.

erathaol3440d ago

Didn't PC hackers already find the DLC for MW2 printed within the disc itself?

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RememberThe3573442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

It would be weird if they weren't working on it. This is next in my GameFly cue, but I still have to beat A Crack in Time (great game by the way). I really want to get my hands on this, I love COD4, but I refuse to give Activition my money. So, I guess I'll wait for the Game of the Year Edition that will have all the DLC on it next year, but of course I'll be buying it used.

Vip3r3442d ago

More like their ready to unlock the DLC already in the copies on the games.

kaveti66163442d ago

More like... no matter what they do you're going to bash them. Last time the FBs bashed them because Treyarch made DLC Map Packs and IW only made one. Boo hoo. Now that IW is making DLC, the people will say, "Oh, of course, so they can make more money."

Nothing they do from this point on is going to be viewed positively.

NotSoSilentBob3442d ago


The reason that people are bashing them about DLC is because there is a 90% chance the data is already on the disc and they are going to charge you 10-12$ to unlock and use it. When you BUY a game you should have everything on that disc ready or able to unlock threw playing not having to pay more for whats on the disc.

kaveti66163442d ago

"The reason that people are bashing them about DLC is because there is a 90% chance the data is already on the disc and they are going to charge you 10-12$ to unlock and use it. When you BUY a game you should have everything on that disc ready or able to unlock threw playing not having to pay more for whats on the disc."

Where is your evidence of that? Is it from your misconception that you formulated from the Resident Evil 5 incident? Where do you get the 90% statistic? Did you just pull that out of your ass?

Do you have any concrete proof? No.
Do you have a bias against Infinity Ward? I think so.

I'm tired of reading people's fallacious posts on this site. Have some self-respect.

Horny3441d ago

i agree with your post but pc hackers found out there are other maps on the disk. There was an article about that yesterday. No nobody is sure if those just got canned or will be used for DLC.

Snoogins3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

So quick to judge other people, proving yourself to be a fanboy with an unmistakable bias for Infinity Ward. Some people choose not to be sheep and question things when they appear suspicious. Most likely NotSoSilentBob is basing his speculation on the fact PC gamers have read the directory files (or whatever) for MW2 have discovered locked modes and content on the disc, not knowing its purpose. Sure, you could ignore it and put all your faith in almighty Activision/Infinity Ward never to take advantage of such a devout follower as yourself, or throw up an exclamation point over your head and find out why it exists. If it turns out the DLC is already on the disc, are you going to feel stupid for calling other people whiners when they made a valid point, or will you just shrug it off and graze with the other sheep? I'm glad other gamers are making a fuss, as you should too, so you won't have to face the possibility of being screwed in the end.

kaveti66163441d ago

You are an idiot. Read people's comment histories before you call them fanboys. I don't like Infinity Ward or Activision. I have not purchased either MW or MW2 or WAW, and I don't plan on doing so. But those facts are besides the point, right?

You're calling ME a sheep? As if you aren't being one? You idiots have absolutely no idea how easy you are to manipulate. You're hating on a company because a large group of people are hating on a company. It's easier for you to side with the collective rather than just be yourself. Do you really think you formed your opinion of Activision and Infinity Ward on your own? Are you that pathetic? You hate them because it's vogue to hate them. As soon as a great developer becomes mainstream you guys start calling them sellouts and start saying how they always sucked, and their games were never good. That's just the way it is, and you SHEEP are always gonna be like that. I'm completely indifferent to Infinity Ward and Activision. I don't buy their games because I don't have the money, but I'm not gonna bash them just because they make ruthless business decisions. So GTFO with your finger pointing.

aaronisbla3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

why did you choose to bash him instead of responding to the fact that pc gamers have found things on the pc disk that could indeed be dlc to be unlocked later?

Instead of wasting your time name calling someone, you should have addressed that. The article was posted yesterday i believe

I agree with you though that quite a few fanboys are too quick to judge this game and the company when some haven't even tried it yet, its really irritating how some right it off without any hands on time with it.

ambientFLIER3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

"why did you choose to bash him instead of responding to the fact that pc gamers have found things on the pc disk that could indeed be dlc to be unlocked later?"

They keyword there is "could". Too bad you haters don't understand that, and always take everything as guilty until proven innocent. Those maps could always be something that they didn't want to implement for one reason or another. So until that prediction becomes true, stop embarrassing yourself and just let it go.

kaveti66163441d ago

There are ALWAYS hidden files and unused files in the discs. The developers leave those in for personal reasons. Instead of immediately bashing IW and saying that the DLC is already on the disc, the community can reserve judgment until a later time. Am I wrong? If the DLC happens to consist of maps already available on the disc, then by all means complain. But until then, stop being biased towards the company. Kotor II had a wealth of hidden content on the game disc that modders eventually used to patch the unfinished game together. It happens. Maybe the files found on the MW2 disc are only fragments of maps that didn't make it into the final product and will never be part of the DLC. For all you know, I'm right. So why pass judgment already? Is it because you guys are being biased?

NotSoSilentBob3441d ago


Vitua Fighter V the first few DLC were on the disc and only required a 100Kb activation DL for 10$ I think it was.

Snoogins3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Yes, I am a sheep for forming my own opinion on the matter. I am an idiot for having a different perspective than yours, which yours is quite obviously tunnel vision. I neither attacked Activision or Infinity Ward (in fact, if you are so fond of people reading others' comment histories, you'd see I recently called IW a great developer). However, I defended other peoples' opinions that you were so quick to dismiss and make blanket claims that we are all fanboys. A sheep does not question. A sheep gives the benefit of the doubt regardless of something being suspicious. You are everything you accuse others of being. You will now lose a bubble for attacking other members, judging them for having an opinion different from your own. For something you have no personal stake in (you don't own the game or care about either company's offerings) you force your opinion down our throats and refuse to respect ours.

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Shotgun_Roamer3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Activision has one hand on my wallet and IW has another tearing out my heart. Oh "great" IW, how you have fallen.

electricshadow3441d ago

Not this time, IW, not this time.

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