Some tips for buyng an HDTV

World Business Writer Robert Evatt has a few tips for buying an HDTV.

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gta_cb4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

im not really sure if this is "news" but i do agree with this statement

Maybe not; 720p is a vast improvement over old-style televisions, and even the pickiest video snobs will admit that, for screens smaller than 46 inches, the human eye can't really
tell a difference between the two resolutions unless you mash your face directly onto the screen.

And since 1080p sets can cost up to twice as much as 720p sets, you may as well stick with the less expensive option on relatively smaller sets. But if you're splurging on something 46 inches or larger, you won't regret picking 1080p."

everyone has been saying it.

MAYBE thats why MS said 720p is the sweet spot? what i mean is if they are aiming at everyone instead of hardcore gamers like they where with the original Xbox, they would know that soon as though the percentage of people with HDTVs is soo small that the average consumer will be buying a 720p rather then a tv which will cost twice as much... only a thought, not "sticking up for MS" or anything

MK_Red4787d ago

So on a TV with 32 inches, 720p looks like 1080p?

gta_cb4787d ago

there was a recent news thread where they was comparing games on HDREADY tvs, and they said unless you have a tv which is about 50" or bigger then you wont notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. although i cant confirm this personally as i own a 32" 720p/1080i tv. but it has been said a few times.

TylerDurden4787d ago

I have a 46 inch 1080P Sharp Aquos and 40 inch 720P Samsung.
I can't really tell a difference when gaming, however when watching either hd-dvd or bluray movies I do see a difference in picture quality.

Both are great TV's and I am happy with both. I got my Aquos about 6 months before my Samsung and it cost almost twice as much.

As I mentioned earlier graphics wise it's hard to tell a difference when gaming between my 720P and 1080P, except I have noticed some ghosting in the black areas when gaming and watching movies on my 720P TV. I believe this is due to my slower refresh rate on my Samsung and not because of resolution.

One weird thing is that when playing my PS3 on my Samsung, I am able to play the games in 720P, however I can't get to the XMB. My TV says something like signal not supported. I suspect this is because my PS3 got configed on my 1080P Aquos, and when I switch from games to XMB it tries to output in 1080P.

To sum it up here are the things I look for when buying an HDTV
- Price
- Refresh rate. My Aquos is 4ms
- Contrast ratio. Aquos is 10,000 - 1. Samsung is 8,000 -1
- Resolution

Since I game more than watch TV I also prefer LCD over Plasma.

CrazzyMan4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

on 40" 720p or on 46" 1080p TV?

TylerDurden4787d ago

Not sure what you mean. My 360 upscales my games to 1080P on my 46 inch 1080P box, however even when output to 720P on my 40inch they look pretty equal. I only own RFOM and Motorstorm on my PS3, and those games look identical on my 46inch and 40inch TV's. But they both output in 720P on both TV's.

Honestly both TV's look pretty much the same when gaming, except for the occasional ghosting on the 40inch TV. As I said earlier I think this is due more to a slower refresh rate on the 40inch TV than lower resolution.

I got the 40inch for my bedroom as a secondary TV and for my original 360. Since I already owned a 1080P TV and since this was a bedroom TV I didn't feel the need to get another 1080P TV. I am happy with both TV's and feel I got good value for the money I paid. The only big difference I have noticed is picture quality when watching high def movies. Still high def movies look great on the 720p/1080i resolutions.

gta_cb4787d ago

you say that you only really notice the difference when you watch HD movies, is this because you are watching HD-DVD movies thru component HD (which is analogue) and with the BluRay movies thru HDMI (which is digital)? just woundering as they say that HDMI is much better then component HD.

just a thought =)

TylerDurden4787d ago

My 720 Samsung has 3 hdmi ports. I watch my hd-dvd vids through the 360 add on running through hdmi.

I haven't watched bluray movies yet on the 720p TV. As I mentioned earlier I can only game on the PS3 on my 720 TV. Anytime the PS3 tries to output a 1080P signal my 720 TV can't display it. I googled away around it, but it's not really a big enough deal for me to change the config every time I hook up the PS3 to either of my TV's

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Dr Pepper4787d ago

Make sure it's an HDTV
I know someone who thought they got one but didn't notice SDTV placed below. His reaction was funny when I brought this to his attention.

Quicksilva4787d ago

Personally I can see a difference between 720p and 1080p but geez guys I know you like your 720p sets but its almost twice the resolution, ofc your gonna see a difference :S

gta_cb4787d ago

well i personally havnt said that you cant, i have said that i have read that you cant tell the difference between them UNLESS you have tv about 50" or more.

i own a 32" HDREADY 720p/1080i tv and have it set to 1080i. so like i said i cant personally say its better at 1080p, although it does make sence that you cant tell the difference unless you have a tv 50" or more.

Quicksilva4787d ago

I do agree. The higher resolution you go to you can't see the difference on smaller sets, I mean all this talk about the ultra HD nonsense at like 2600x1800 or whatever it is. I mean at what point does it actually make a difference unless you have a full sized cinema in your home ^_^

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