How to Use Shortcuts to Browse on PS3 and PSP

Browsing from your PS3 or PSP can be a convienient alternative to laptops and PCs depending on your media setup. One thing that isn't the best is the manner in which you input text on both of these devices(assuming you are not using a keyboard on your PS3 of course).

SPG recommends that you try OpenDNS to help speed up the task of inputing web addresses through the use of shortcuts. Not only will OpenDNS save you time on your PS3 or PSP, if set up correctly you can use the same short cuts on every machine in your LAN. This is a big benefit compared to having to input and bookmark all your favourite destinations on individual machines. There are many other benefits to OpenDNS but for the purposes of this article we'll focus on the shortcuts.

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gta_cb4789d ago

i have tried to use my PSP on the internet, i didnt like it that much, yeh its cool that you can use it and i would use it if my computer broke, but otherwise i wouldnt use it.

as for the PS3 i dont know how easy it is to use, i imagen the Nintendo Wii being fun to use on the net as you can point and click.

kspraydad4789d ago could do that with a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse on a PS3 too. But, that isn't really the point of the article.

wolfgang4789d ago

I personnaly think that using the wii for internet isn't that great, I tryed it and ended up surfing on my PC after a while..

insanegamer4789d ago

of course using the computer is better but its pretty neat using ur psp to go on the internet(like when ur traveling)

oh and i found out how to go on messenger using the psp(typing messeges suks though......)

GamerMan4789d ago

is getting directions. Hit a hotspot grab the directions and while your traveling just keep the internet page up and follow the directions. A great colored map with good instructions. This works until the GPS gets released here (hopefully).