The 1983 Game Crash

Critical Gamer Writes: The 1980s; the era of spandex, electro, mobile phones the size of house bricks, and a dark time for the video games industry. This was the era of the 1983 Game Crash: A predominantly North American phenomenon that would cripple the gaming industry for two years.

So what the hell happened?

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unknown_gamer3441d ago

Poor gaming industry was on a knife edge thanks to the greed of Atari

scruffy_bear3441d ago

And look what happen Atari after the games crash they were no more and the games industry went from strength to strength

baum3441d ago

*Sh1tload* of low quality games, i.e. shovelware. E.T. was the last nail in the industries coffin' back then.

Speaking of tons of shovelware, does it sound familiar? ;)

Alright I'll say it: 3rd party Devs can barely make money on Wii even when they don't invest any money in their games, and even when PS3 and 360 games sell a lot more, they cost significantly more to make than Wii games. Sequelitis is also plaguing the industry, which is not a good thing and could end up boring everyone. The industry should watch out, and Nintendo should stop making crippled hardware so that core gamers are interested in their consoles and actually buy games there in case other consoles struggle to keep up (and in case Nintendo wants the industry to stay alive and well, which is probably their best interest as that's the only thing they do).

SaiyanFury3440d ago

Shovelware, an unbeknown term at the time, did plague the Atari systems and others. Actually me and my wife are building a retro gaming theatre. We have an NES, SNES, Genesis/SEGA CD/32X, GameCube, original PS and several others. We recently acquired an Atari 2600 with some cool games. Some of them rock, some, not so much. The game crash saw Nintendo bring out the great NES to save our current beloved industry. That said, my first Atari 2600 Jr. was awesome. The first game I ever beat was Space Attack.

Sarick3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

I once posted this as news but it wasn't linked through an article so I had to take this video down.

Please check this video if you are interested in this topic. It's very informative.

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gumgum993441d ago

I own, both, E.T and PAc-man for Atari. I never play them; I just kept them around for archival purposes.

Marceles3441d ago

I remember seeing the E.T. game at the 99 cent store when I was little lol. Atari 7800 was my first system, so I started gaming just when the industry started getting back on its feet.

Danteh3441d ago

man, we have to hand it for nintendo. Even though now they're all with that casual Wii crap, they saved the industry with the ROB+Nintendo combo and with that /very wise) decision of Nintedno seal of approval.

And the Super Nintendo was the first console I ever bought, along with Zelda LttP. Waiting for a HD Zelda, maybe in 5 years? hehe

Thank you NintendO!

Consoldtobots3440d ago

Nintendo may have brought it back but if they were the only player today this would be 1983 all over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.