Target discontinues UMD movies

With dwindling Hollywood support and anemic sales dragging it down already, the UMD format is unlikely to be pleased by news that all Target stores will cease selling films stored on the proprietary PSP format. Though UMD games are quite safe, this latest move is likely to cast further doubt on the format's viability in the realm of movies. Those looking to place blame will likely find some good targets in the pricing of the discs, the general lack of bonus features compared to their DVD counterparts and the fact that for Universal Media Discs, they aren''t very "universal" at all.

Trickedbullet6175d ago

The mighty psp is failing, HURAH!!!!!

joemutt6175d ago

Is there any reason to buy a PSP?

It sounds like its going the way of BetaMax real quick, and DS is doubling the sales of it.

SjaakHaas6175d ago

i bought a Lite last saterday, just because i can play PSP-like gameplay on my 360 with even better everything. I bought the DS Lite for some other gamplay on vacation etc, more for short and fun gameplay sessions. PSP games have all like the same longer gameplay like big consoles, and that just plays nicer when u have like much sparetime and a comfy couch or bed :)

Noxel6175d ago

No, this isn't suprising at all. Betamax failed, and now UMD. Can't wait for Blu-Ray and the CrapStation to fail.

shotty6175d ago

Another one to sony huge list of failures.