Modern Warfare 2 Already More Successful Than Modern Warfare 1 On PC

That's the word from Fourzerotwo, everyone's favourite Community Manager

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Marcello3441d ago

I find this very odd, i know only a very few ppl in my clan bought it & some have regreted it & sold it. I might call BS on this.

BF:BC 2 FTW !!!

Guido3441d ago

I call BS on the PC folks that talk trash about it. IMHO I think they talk trash then go home and play the game. Some days it just sounds to me like it is hip and cool to join in on all the Infinity Ward bashing...

paul03883441d ago

I know I sure as hell didn't buy the PC version. You have either never played a pc game or can't afford it, because your ignorance is so glaringly blatant.

I have it for Xbox and it's great but that's because it was designed for the Xbox. Just porting it over to the PC is unacceptable. Dedicated servers are a must for PC gaming because, unlike your beloved Xbox, not all PC's are created equal.

It's pathetic that Infinity Ward turned their back on the audience that put them in the position they're in in the first place.

RememberThe3573441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

You just did what we call "jumping to a conclusion". This is what is known as a "logical fallacy". See, you assumed that he had never played a PC game, then based your entire argument around that. If, in fact, he has played a PC game and does understand the PC community, your argument falls flat on it's face.

I suggest you try that again with a little more thought.

lol I'm just f*ckin with you...

This does surprise me though after all the crap PC gamers were talking.

@mephixto: That is a great point. I haven't played PC since CS:Source came out and I had forgotten how much easier it can be to find a game on dedicated servers. COD's wait times are ridiculous; it can take them forever to find you a game. Now that I think of it, it makes sense now why GG didn't add matchmaking into Killzone 2. I had always been wondering about that.

AnttiApina3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

These lies have to stop Robert. Face the reality. You claimed IWNet to give the best possible experience to the PC gamers and yet it seems that the game was just a port for the PC. How am I suppose to reconnect to LIVE again?

It might have sold more but that does not guaranteen a better experience.

mephixto3441d ago

I bought the PC version of MW2, and the MP it's a blast, a great game, but the matchmaking it's a big problem at least for me. I have to wait 3 to 5 minutes to find a game and if I'm lucky with a decent ping, with dedicated servers it only takes me 10 seconds to find my favorite server and start playing.

divideby03441d ago on...
same story here.. This was the first COD game I bought since the 360 was launched..and honestly...
The game is so so so overated its just pathetic..
SP camp. is a joke..a bunch of battles linked together..story in non existant and lol 6hrs short.
MP is the same ol same ol..camping boring...and 9vs9 pathetic
SpecOps is where I play the most, but only 2..LMAO

clearly sales = popularity which does NOT mean a great game

paul03883441d ago

It appears you may have fallen asleep when taking your critical thinking class. I did not present an argument. I'm a law student, if I presented an argument it would have been much longer and airtight, just like when I write my infrequent blogs.

I made a reasonable assumption based on his comment. He referred to PC gamers as "PC Folks" and said that in his opinion, "THEY" go home and play the game. In addition, he also has a Modern Warfare 2 avatar shot (which is pretty sick looking too I might add). One could reasonably deduce, based on his wording, that he does not use his PC for gaming for if he did he would know the importance of dedicated servers because their omission is something that only a handful of games have ever tried. The only two that come to mind are Operation Flashpoint 2 & Modern Warfare 2.

I based my first statement of 3 on his comment. The rest of my post pertains as to why dedicated servers are important.

bjornbear3441d ago

according to your avatar photo, you like MW2, you're allowed to

but put aside you're little fanboy inside and be aware that the PC community was let down by IW (i'm no PC gamer and I'm aware)

don't be so ignorant, unless you're a 13 year old, in which case, ure off the hook

evrfighter3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

before that post in a thread titled "pc only 3% sales"

402 was nowhere to be seen since Nov 3rd...He ignored ALL of the legit threads about IWnet having connectivity issues and every other technical question thread only to post in some crap thread that no gamer cares about.

N4G I know we like to use the term "Damage Control" loosely here. BUT
This is Damage Control in ALL its glory.

This is how the professional's do it.

If the majority of the community feels like their efforts are in vain they will give in and just purchase it. Divide and Conquer.

don't buy his bs.

QQcrybaby3441d ago

@ 1.1

Didn't buy MW2 and never will buy MW2. I won't even pirate it. Just not interested at all especially with so many other games to play.

xTruthx3441d ago

Only 3 of my 300 friends on xfire are playing it, when almost 50 were usually playing COD4. So I rlly think this is bs

IdleLeeSiuLung3441d ago

First we get a list of people that claim to boycott the game, then ends up playing it. Now MW2 has done better than the first one in the same time frame. It isn't like the PC community just got a larger install base like consoles.

Hypocrites! I on the other hand, never boycotted and bought it first day!

CrippleH3441d ago

Fourtwozero never showed his face in Neogaf after the no dedicated server news. GAF would so give him a verbal lashing.

mastiffchild3441d ago

Well said Evrfighter. It IS divide and rule and I've said it for MONTHS. When the EU only hike was announced I said it, when IW staffers were moaning about the PS3 yet said they hated fanboys I said it and when the PC hike PLUS lack of dedicated servers was announced(with BS reasons too)I yelled it. I said we should ALL demand dedicated servers from what's said, by it's publisher and creator , to be the market leading online shooter around today. Yes, in 2009 that m,eans P2P for all of us and isn't really hood enough for ANY of us.

So why were we thick enough to fall for it? Why were(are) some console games seemingly happy to be conned by IW/Acti? Why, also , do these people think PC gamers not buying into this are somehow in the wrong? We should, like a community , have stood up for and with those PC gamers and DEMANDED some value for the massive profits they knew they'd make. We pay them, we HAVE the power and rigfht to demand some value and not crealy, broken P2P in 2009. I don't play many PSN games without dedicated servers and NO PC games without them(just given up my Live sub)and they're just the better way-simple as that-and any "market leading online shooter" should really have them AND provide more than 9c9(ayt least as a viable option) in 2009.

By allowing them to cut us up like this and provide less(in many ways) than they did with MW1 we just showed how willing we are to bend over for an industry that would DIE without our support. Why do we allow the tail to wag the dog like this? We wouldn't put up with this crap in other industries so why in gaming? Where's the value? And. more importantly, where's the community? I can't see t these days,sadly.

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Saryk3441d ago

All the PC folks trashed MW2? You need to get your facts correct. I think the most that signed the petition was around 230000 signatures. You do realize that there are between 60-80 million people who play PC games. However I am one who signed the petition and have yet to buy it.

DarkTower8053441d ago

The reason people are messing with the PC gamers here about this is because all the trash they talked.

All we heard was things like:
"We PC gamers stick together"
"We PC gamers know how to boycott a game"
"We aren't like console gamers that will put up with this stuff"
"Watch, nobody will buy MW2, everyone will pirate it"
"Blah, blah, blah"

So you see, while some may have stuck to their guns about the boycott it turns out that the "PC Community" isn't as tight-knit as you may think. In fact there are just as many sheep as in the console community.

If some PC gamers on this board wouldn't walk around like their poop doesn't stink they wouldn't get harassed in situations like this. I could name names, but you all know who I'm talking about.

Ripyealip3441d ago

time to give over 70+ dollars for this game, gotta love canada......... :(

dgroundwater3441d ago

Really? I live in Ontario and Best Buy/Future Shop both have it for 59.99 on consoles.

Rowsdower3441d ago

so you mean the folks who comment on gaming articles dont represent the majority of gamers?

who would of thunk it?

Odin7773441d ago

Yeah I think a lot of people on this site forget that.

evrfighter3441d ago

think twice before you let this bs get to you.

The last time 402 showed up in the IW PC forums was nov 3rd. There have been many many legit issues with the game only to come back and respond in a thread titled "PC only 3% sales"

His IW/Activision's main goal at this point is to discredit the people that have been able to hold on and not purchase their game. STILL i have nobody on my friends list that bought the game. Though about 3/4 have downloaded it.

If 402 can somehow convince everyone that the pc version is a success. He's hoping it will cause those who have held out to give up and just by the game.

This is how they are treating their pc fanbase.

solar3441d ago

mates on my Steam friends list constantly bug me, send me MW2 invites, to get me to buy the game. i hated the first CoD, which i bought to play with THEM, and they all went back to WoW a week later. but i wont buy a game i see as broken.

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