G4tv: ModNation Racers Hands-On Preview

Jeremy Matulef of G4TV writes: "There are few game genres more timeless than racing. The goal is as self-explanatory as they come: get to first place. One of the greatest barriers for racing games to withstand the test of time is that, sooner or later, the tracks are bound to get old. United Front Studio's ModNation Racers seeks to fix that with its intuitive level editor adding "the deepest customization ever seen in a racer," according to Dan Sochan, the game's producer."

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Socomer 19794876d ago

that if g4tv was a demon in demons souls i wouldnt kill them because they are a lowlife and not worth the critical strike ive perfected.

anywhays, cant wait for mod nation racers. its gonna be fun to see some excite bike and road rash user created content.