PushSquare - Quick Impressions: European Playstation Video Delivery Service

PushSquare: "Colour us impressed. Very impressed. We'd known the release date for the European Playstation Video Delivery Service (which we'll refer to as the "video store" for convenience) for a while, but we had no idea exactly how much content SCEE would pump into it before launch. We had the titles of just five or six movies when we got told the date, and assumed any number around the 50 mark would be impressive. Try 2,000."

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Lumbo3436d ago

Sorry, but i am rather underwhelmed... only 15 or so HD rentals with STEREO sound. The buy option is worse: SD downloads at €15 for a low quality SD movie lacking 5.1 sound and all extras that can be bought for 9.99 as Full DVD at any retailer ...

Either the prices and sound quality change A LOT, or i will opt out completely.