Hirai 'Confident' That Sony Will Sell 13 Million PS3s This Year

Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra writes: "Sony's shooting to hit 13 million PlayStation 3 consoles sold worldwide this fiscal year, says Sony executive VP Kaz Hirai, and he tells media outlets he's "confident" the company can achieve its target."

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Blaster_Master4875d ago

13 million this fiscal year?

Darkeyes4875d ago

Yup, fiscal year and I don't see 13 million being far fetched as next month FF13 lands along with GOW3 and GT5 in march (that is when the fiscal year ends). All 3 can move loads of consoles.

Jsynn74875d ago

Don't forget when FFXIII hits in Japan. I see a serious surge in sales when that game drops next month.

StanLee4875d ago

I think they can. It's not the calendar year and in March GT5 and God of War 3 is being released just before the end of the fiscal year. Jackpot.

MasFlowKiller4875d ago

pretty sure they can make that even before the end of their fiscal year, so this holiday in JP they have FFXIII, in EU and USA new PS3 owners have MW2 & Uncharted 2 two of the best fall release tittles of this year not counting Demon Souls, Killzone 2, Infamous, and all the great multiplat tittle out there too, when it come to having the games to make the sale the ps3 is a clear winner, it a little more adds they can probably move more then 13 especially with the tittle coming right before the end of FQ2009 GOW3, GT5, FFXIII for the rest of the world, Bioshock 2 and a A$$ loads of other tittle, just spend more in add sony it will play off big time

ABizzel14875d ago

They really need to change the name soon. Sony Online Service the first thing I thought was SOS (Save our System) lol.

Go ahead and disagree fanboys, as most of you should know by now I prefer the PS3 over the other consoles.

baum4875d ago

+Bubbles for not being a fanboy

sniper-squeak4875d ago

Just wait for the Christmas rush.. :D

sikbeta4875d ago

Kazuo is Right, he knows FF13 can do that number by its own, leave alone The Real Driving Simulator and the monster sales

Oh.. and God of War of course

SixZeroFour4875d ago

how much is it at right now? i think me and my brother will contribute 2 to the total, and i will finally become a multiconsole owner (somewhat..still dont have or plan to own a wii) i just need to remember to buy the xcm controller converter along with it...just wont ever get the hang of the shape of the ds3 (dont hate me for

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DarkSniper4875d ago

Not only will PlayStation®3 sell 13 million units, but it will exceed past that mark. With the price being at an all time low enriched with AAA games across the board, it's easy to see why PS3 is the worldwide leader in consumer electronics and interactive software.

13 million is nothing but a step in the future and another victory for Sony as they have acheived to outsell Microsoft's abysmal Xbox 360 once again. Having done so in 2007 and 2008, this will be the third straight year that Sony's monster machine holds victorious when facing head to head competition against Microsoft.

Face it Microslaves, the PlayStation brand is a household name that is implanted into the minds of consumers everywhere. Xbox 360 is nothing more than a blip in the wind when you compare it not only to PlayStation®3 but other consoles in the past. Your console is an embarassment to gamers everywhere and a disgrace to the rich history of gaming.

To finally see your damned console vanquish brings tears of joy to Dark Sniper's eyes as PS3 marches easily into 13 million homes this year and your console couldnt even match halfway.

There is still the PS2 for you to compete with Microslaves. Maybe you should focus your competition on that console before graduating to where the big boys play.


LordMarius4875d ago

couldn't have said it better myself

Afterburn4875d ago

lmfao, he's back. Awesome. Have a bubble sniper.


lol how does this guy do it, i always have to read what this guy says.
ill give you another bubble to add to all your other billions of sophisticated bubbles youve over time, earned.

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Why o why4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

IS BACK ----------------->

now its ime for his arch nemisis Zhuk to show up

Some thought sony were silly for predicting what they did. Same ol same ol i are just doing sony whilst the doubting media will have to find new axes to grind.

XxZxX4875d ago

Zhuk has evolve to something else. I'm pretty sure he is still around, trolling

gamingisnotacrime4875d ago

At $299 is hard not to expect skyhigh sells this holiday season. GoW3 is coming soon, FF 13, and october was an explosion of exclusive releases and Multi plats, which is why im now broke and cant buy any games until GoW 3 (I have plenty of games to play so no prob ;)

riksweeney4875d ago

Sony's fiscal year ends in March 2010, so it's not unrealistic I guess.

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