Nano-suit headshot from Crysis

According to member Mocib this image is a high-polygon rendered image:
"That image came from and the edited image (linked on those sites) came from the forums. It is a high-polygon nano muscle suit render i.e. not representative of what it will look like in-game. The nano suit will be very detailed in the game of course but not just that hi-poly detailed.

So, to put it short, it's a leaked not in-game screen shot."

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fury4280d ago

...even if it's not ingame, we do know that crysis' graphics will kick major @$$. Can't wait...

id dot entity4280d ago

It's actually round! Going to build my PC around Crysis.

Cartesian3D4279d ago

why they use same idea.. which one was first ? Crysis or MGS4?

I want Crysis as soon as possible. to show my family what does GRAPHICS mean ..