The Modern Warfare 2 Effect

Selling 1.23 million units on launch day would be considered a triumph for any videogame, anywhere. Modern Warfare 2 managed this in the UK alone, grossing £47 million in the process. The ludicrously successful shooter has gone on to makes in excess of $400 million, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

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BabyStomper50003443d ago

Just wait for COD7 next year :)

Maybe they should just call it COD '10.

komp3443d ago

The usual whiners will comlain that it is Treyarch and anyway the game will still be on the same Game Engine as COD4 and MW2.

So in essence the same game but again could be done as DLC.

The sheep will follow but I think some people will think twice next time. MW2 is not the upgrade it should/could have been.

As a side note, my buddy who works in UK GAME shop also say's that MW2 is being traded in in vast numbers.

Not sure about XBL but it seems some 2.5million on leaderboard yet never more than 300K online at anytime. Did they try it and hate it?

table3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I think a lot of people got that supermarket deal at £26. My bro got it at that price and he wasn't gonna buy it at full price. I had I play of it down at his flat, it's a pretty mediocre game to be honest I lost interest pretty quickly.

electricshadow3442d ago

It was a solid game, it didn't have the same impact MW1 had, but I still enjoyed it. However, when the next CoD game comes out, I will wait for reviews and ask what other people think of it. It just felt like a MW 1.5 to me.