UK magazine: KH II: FM+ headed to North America late automn 2007

A rumor that's been going on for months has just been confirmed by a British magazine that gives hope to millions of Kingdom Hearts fans worldwide; the magazine states that Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ will be released in North America late automn 2007:

"...But Final Mix won't be out in the West until late Autumn 2007, so you'll have to be patient. Or, ahem, watch it on YouTube."

I'll remind you: Square Enix hasn't confirmed anything yet, but we certainly hope they will. The scan, by the way, deals with Final Mix+'s extended secret ending. Enjoy!

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WilliamRLBaker4569d ago

not that i like the kingdom hearts games, I hated them.

But I get sick and tired of the english versions of games released with even more content not making it over here for pretty much no reason at all, Maybe if it does good they'll release kingdom hearts 1 remix.

kornbeaner4569d ago

In time for the holidays. My brother loves this franchise, Christmas gift for sure.....if released.