Digital Krystal in big Need For Speed break

Former Big Brother contestant Krystal Forscutt has taken her first step towards international fame by being chosen as a character in a popular video game.

Forscutt is one of two females who feature as a digital version of themselves in Need For Speed's new ProStreet computer game, to be released later this year, with a potential worldwide audience of 40 million gamers.

"It's my first sort of international appearance, I guess," Forscutt told the Sunday Telegraph.

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WilliamRLBaker4579d ago

I've never heard of this chick...then again I adimently refuse to watch any thing in the realm of reality show.....and whats even more funny is knowing shes been in a reality show willing to whore her self like that makes me see her as ugly instead of good looking like every one else does.....But thats just really opinion, and personal taste.

wolfgang4579d ago

Is it just me or is EA trying to shift a bit of the media attention from the racing part of the Need for speed serie to something easier to put in ads, in this case hot chicks ?

Josie Maran for Most Wanted and now Krystal Forscutt for ProStreet.

InMyOpinion4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

Who gives a f###? Her pretty face is heading straight for porn!

eLiNeS_NIGGER4578d ago

LOL, another dumb ass woman in need for speed, give me a break please, I just hope she doesnt bore me s*itless.

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