Blu-ray vs HD DVD: Will Either Win?

Another Blu-ray Vs HD DVD article, this time from with more focus on TV and movies plus Pirates Vs Matrix.

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WilliamRLBaker4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

I dont think either will win, unless blu ray really starts to dominate which it hasn't done, Oh people can pull out selling 2:1 3:1 but in reality the sales are much closer then people want to believe, blu ray sales in total world wide being only like 10-20K over hd dvd most months.

And HD DVD players are still on average outselling blu ray stand alone players, And the only reason for the upshoot of blu ray media sales is because of the ps3.

I personally dont use my ps3 to play blu ray movies, Not when i have most of the movies i want on either hd dvd combo discs or plain old dvds.

I'm not gonna pay upwards of 30 dollars for a thing if not more when all it does is play in my ps3, Where as my hd dvd combo discs i dont even use the hd dvd side but i do use the dvd side.

When a hd dvd/blu ray combo player is released which i think there is one, but one thats cheap then ill buy that. Till then I have no real need for HD Movies, My tv only supports up to 1080i, and my sound system doesn't support all the fancy standards hd dvd and blu ray support, or hdmi for that matter. So High def movies are just an useless expendature for me right now.

Edit: if the hd dvd addon for the 360 goes down in price ALOT *wish i had picked it up at sams club when it was 76 bux* then ill buy that and ill start picking up high def movies, That way i can get the movies i want instead of having to pick and choose because of a stupid format war, but it will still be an useless expendature because my sound system still doesn't support hdmi, or any of the sound standards, and my tv still only supports 480i/p, 720p/ 1080i.

fenderputty4743d ago

Your downplaying the "Trojan Horse" that is the PS3. People like me bought the PS3 beacuse of the drive and the games. There are others who didn't care for the drive at all, and some who bought it for the cheap 1080p blu-ray drive alone. I've personally bought 5 blu-ray movies and will be buying more. My point is, you can't exclude the PS3 simply because it isn't a stand alone player.

Other then that, I pretty much agree with you. Even though blu-ray is leading, it's got a LONG way to go before becoming some sort of standard.

BTW: Pirates 1 and 2 look phenomenal.

sak5004743d ago

I agree..MS should reduce the price of the HD player and i'm sure a good number of units will be sold. Right now its something which is not a priority on a gamers' list but if the price becomes attractive enough many will jump in. And we all know when the HDDvds are selling more and more the price will likely to come down.

Ru4743d ago

had bolth.... right now im missing my hddvd player

Bloodmask4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Sony probably will win because they are forcing people to buy Bluray in PS3. All the fanboys want to believe that Bluray is needed for games. No its not. (You do realize a 2x Bluray drive is not very fast, and increases load times for games.) 360 has been doing it for almost 2 years without Bluray. It is marketing propaganda and it makes Playstation fanboys eyes light up whenever the word Bluray even comes up, like a deer in the headlights bc there system has Bluray alien technology, and no other system does. The cell processor and Bluray were engineered at the same time, approximately 4 years ago. The primary purpose of the PS3 is to play Bluray movies, not to play games. If it was you would have a plentiful supply. What you do have a supply of is Bluray movies. Isn't it convenient that a Bluray movie came packed in with the PS3(Talledega Nights) and not a game. Sony could care less if they come in 3rd this console generation as long as Bluray beats HDDVD. I don't know why anyone can't see this.

Fanboys you have to ask yourself.....Self..Would I have went out and bought a Bluray player if I didn't want PS3 and the answer is "No".
Everybody brings up the argument that PS3 is a good value bc most Bluray players cost $700 to $1000 dollars. Why? Because Sony deliberately inflated the prices of standalone units to make the PS3 price point more attractive to consumers. The only reason PS3 is expensive is bc of Bluray.

The facts are that PS3 makes up 96% of total Blurayplayers sold. Only 4% are standalone units. And the only reason the movie industry is backing Bluray is bc of PS3. The only reason there is even a format war is bc of Sony. HD DVD would have won a long time ago if Sony wouldn't have pulled this dirty trick. HDDVD stand alone units outsell Blu ray units every month on a ratio of 4 to 1 and are half the price. The only reason why Sony sells Bluray movies at all is bc of PS3. I do own a PS3 but I will never buy a Blu ray movie bc of Sonys shady business tactics.

tk4743d ago

Get real buddy - it is business. Nothing shady. Games need Blu-Ray. HD video needs Blu-Ray. Sony offered it in one package. How is that "shady"?

What is shady is how MS tries to explain that HD-DVD offers "better" quality, and value. There is no reason for HD-DVD to exist - it was just a weaker shot by Toshiba, supported by MS, to take control of the next gen media. They came in second in a market that will only have one. They will try next gen again with holographic most probably.

Bloodmask4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

You do realize that Toshiba helped develop the cell processor and Blu ray lasers as well as the disks. Toshiba and Sony were supposed to both be involved with the new disk format.(and share the royalties) But Sony broke off the merger because they wanted all the royalties for themselves. Why? Bc they didn't want to share the royalties with anyone.....Greed. So over a year ago they parted ways and Toshiba started selling HDDVD players. Which is fair enough. They built up a good install base for a new technology. But what Sony did was go to all the motion pictures studios and make their promises with the Blu ray trojan horse known as PS3. Which would force their technology on people faster than HDDVD players could possibly sell(based on the PS brand recognition). The fact is that Bluray players came a year later to the market and are not selling any where near as well as HDDVD players.(which are half the price) So yes the format war wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Sony. Their would have been only one brand from the very begining and Bluray wouldn't even exist. So basicly what Sony has done is split the market and bribed everyone with promises of Bluray in PS3. This is only hurting consumers by not offering them a fair chance to pick the format they want. BC the motion picture studios look at the install base. People aren't buying Bluray players but they are buying PS3. So there you have it my friends the cell processor was essentialy designed to be used to be a Bluray player. As a matter of fact a standalone (Bluray)player and the PS3 share the exact same architecture(in most cases). So essentially what you are getting when you buy a PS3 is a Bluray player with a graphics card slapped in it at the last minute (the RSX was finalized only six months before the PS3 launched). Sorry if the truth hurts but the facts ar the facts.

Quote from engineer: And it sucks to be a consumer with such companies being the “technology leaders”. ... The Cell processor wasn’t designed for games. Just ask IBM. ...

Sashy4743d ago

This is so wierd, why cant people understand that Blu-ray is going to win the war ? I dont mean ill to HD-DVD but thats the way it is, dont ya thik so ?

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