'Halo 3' hype-worthy

Detroit Free Press Gives Their Opinion

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eques judicii4569d ago

neither can i... i have to stop myself from playing so that i can continue to have a life :-)

Xeoset4569d ago

This is going to get GOTY for sure.


Mass Effect
Alan Wake
Too Human
Lost Odyssey

I cannot prize myself from the BETA though, it's one of the most fun things I've experienced in my 15 years of gaming.

tony4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

is it worth the hype? for fans of the series? yes. for casual gamers? no. why? no innovation whatsoever. is a good game, thats it. nothing groundbreaking, is nothing but run and shoot. that gets old after a while. they need to come up with something that makes the game better than the last 2, something different, not only better graphics. rainbow six did it, gears did it. why they can't? money,cause fans are going to buy it if the game looks like the other 2.

MoonDust4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

Another person who thinks he seen it all in the beta. Casual game will buy it. Yes, GOW is so innovative. Nothing in that game is innovative, it's all been done before.

calderra4569d ago

Considering Halo 2 is still one of the most-played multiplayer titles in console gaming today, if there was nothing at all new and all that was being released was two years' tweaking and rebalancing the game, it'd still sell millions and satisfy fans' needs. What's to complain about?

Lygre4569d ago

Nothing new to Halo 3? What about Saved Films? You can save every game that you play on Xbox Live. Watch it right after it's done or save it for later. In the beta you can only see it in first person view, but in the full game you can control over the camera, you can go slow mo', put it on pause and more.

You can also upload the films to you Shared Folder so that others can download them (they're not big, just a few MB) and watch it themselves. I think you can set up a lobby and invite friends to join you and watch it together so that you can talk about it =) Sound like really good fun, and it's also good for clans to see what tactics others use.

That's just one new feature in the Halo series. But it's pretty nice.

Quicksilva4569d ago

Yes it is.

Only thing that would take away from the hype a bit is that people kinda know what to expect with halo 3 where as if it was kept a secret people would be more skeptical.

Anyway go BUNGIE make some nice tweaks and make even the people that think it will be amazing surprised!

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The story is too old to be commented.