Interview with Catan make, Big Huge Games

Interview with Joe Pishgar, Community Relations Manager, from Big Huge Games. Big Huge Games recently released the game Catan for the Xbox Live Arcade.

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cdmounty4207d ago

How can you do this interview without asking about a seafarers expansion!? Clearly this fool has no idea what he is asking about. FIREBALL!!!

Ichabod134207d ago

sorry mate...the actual questions were sent off in anticipation of the game's release. Joe didn't get a chance to reply until shortly after the game came out. :P haha

Close_Second4207d ago

...didn't even ask what their favorite colour is.

Seriously, I want some expansion packs and a patch to:
a. Add another couple of targets to aim for 15 an 20 points to win.
b. Option to increase the font size.

Ichabod134207d ago

Yeah I hear ya up to 15 or 25 or so would be fun. Seems sometimes the games are over before they get interesting.