California Restricts Television Power Consumption

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gases, lower power consumption, and maintain the state's reputation as the hippiest in America, the California Energy Commission has set strict guidelines that would require televisions to use less power.

Console gamers in California might be concerned about this legislation. There's a possibility that Californians might not have access to cutting edge television that the rest of the nation will have access to. Console gamers will be caught in the middle of the environmentalism vs. consumer choice debate.

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Hutch23553439d ago

So glad I am out of that flippin state. Current budget at 21 billion dollar defecit. My buddy works for a county in Cali and they are laying off 2 to 3 people a week. Anything now that could possibley hurt retail sales will only hurt the economy there even worse. I am all for power conservation. I just don't see how this is a good thing, when people will be able to buy the cheaper non energy star rated tv's online or out of state and have them shipped there. Only hurts the tax base. But thats California for ya, take in 1 dollar spend 50. How nice it would be to get away with that in my house.

Nihilism3439d ago

That sounds like an awesome idea, anything that's better for the environment = :D