Facebook: Playstation 3 Wins

There are now 2 next gen consoles that allows you to go on facebook. But which one rules out the other?

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Ocey2ktru3440d ago

ign is just stating their own opinion and so is this person. I use YouTube on my ps3 all the time and it's really good for the clunky ps3 browser at times. One thing I can say is that Sony has finally made facebook useable on the ps3's browser and I think it is more easier to use than my 360's so called facebook integration. Then again that's just my opinion.

dkblackhawk503440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Yep but the thing that made the PlayStation 3 have better facebook is how they changed the way it is displayed on the web browser. Before it was quite difficult but now it is a lot easier.

NateNater3440d ago

Lets all not forget that the PS3 version is also free :)

I think that makes it automatically win

dkblackhawk503440d ago

Very true, gotta enjoy the free things in life :D.

dkblackhawk503440d ago

Now this is more understandable than IGN's article.

Bigpappy3440d ago

Never mind the blogger. My 360 version loads and runs much smoother. It has my avatar and that of my friends. The interface is nice and large, the text is easer to read, and the Photo look great on the big screen. Great job M$.

dkblackhawk503440d ago

If it was a blogger the site would be based on or any other site...He is just stating his opinion, no need to criticize it for him. Plus, he even showed me and I agree with him, it does lag.

arsenal553440d ago

now this article speaks the truth