Build your own Tetris shelves, budget version

You've probably heard about the Tetris shelves before ... but to get the configuration in that post, it'll run you about $7000. Ouch! Definitely not cheap, although they sure look pretty cool.

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Ru4742d ago

These shelves Kick Arse!
Tell Me it wouldnt be cool Too have these shelves on bolth sides of your main Tv placement filled with your next gen consoles,Video Games...Home theatre reciver,Amp,Speakers,Tweeters etc.... And all of your other hi-techory!

BIadestarX4742d ago

You are obviously not married. My wife would not let me put that in the living room. Enjoy while it last. Once you get married you will have little saying on what can be seem by people that come to the house. LOL.

ps3604742d ago

is marriage a democracy or a monarchy

BIadestarX4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Is Totalitarian - The wife has regimes or movements maintain themselves in power by means of secret police, propaganda disseminated through fear, personality cult, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, single-party(wife) state, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror tactics. Critics of the concept say that the term lacks explanatory power.

In many causes it can be Colonialism... Colonialism is the extension of a wife's sovereignty over territory beyond the kitchen by the establishment of either settler colonies or administrative dependencies(cooking, laundry, kids) in which populations(me & kids) are directly ruled or displaced. Colonising the house generally dominate the resources(tv, radio, etc), labor, and territory, and may also impose socio-cultural, religious and linguistic structures on the conquered population(Me and the kids).

Ru4742d ago

Just tell the Ms's that its called "aRT dECO" She probably wont even notice that its from tetris!
Its actually verry fancy lookin decor
I bet the Queer eye guys would agree