How to unlock pistols and custom matches in Halo 3 Beta

You've seen the videos of custom gameplay. Now learn how to do it yourself. Bungie left a loophole which allows 8 players in one party and 1 in another to access the custom game lobby in Halo 3 beta. Pistols, plasma swords, and even a setting to adjust the active camoflauge is available.

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gta_cb4572d ago

im deffinatly going to be trying this before the beta ends.

Less then 7days left!

Shake4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

What I think is an easier way is,if you been playing the beta long enough,you should have a lot of recent players...look through most of them and there should be at least one of them playing custom games.Then join and leave!There you have are now in the custom game lobby.:)