Nerd Energy - The New Fix For Gamers had a poll last month asking everyone, "Which Energy Drink do you Swear by?" The choice was basically Red Bull for the majority of the gamers out there. Well some of the staff there at want to show you, and introduce you to a new energy drink in the market called Nerd Energy.

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egyptian_diarrhea4573d ago

i sometimes prefer to just put a straw in my uretra and drink my own urine, it does the trick, it's as good as any other drink.

sgmontes4570d ago

I drank nerd energy drink throughout finals, it really kept me awake and focused. I was so happy, I ended up with all A's and one B. It really works!!! But the best part is the fresh, sweet taste...there is nothing like it! I really, really recommend it!!! My brother drinks it when he plays his playstation, he tells me it keeps him up and focused. Im guessing its due to the focus and memory enhancers that get more oxygen to your brain.

knight_b014570d ago

I usually only drink monster or amp but last week I bought a couple of cans of NERD. I got to admitt NERD tastes better. It kept me awake and focused, it was crazy, first energy drink I've drank with those effects. No wonder they call it NERD!! I'll recommend it.