Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Party in San Fran

According to an interview RPGamer had with Sqaure Enix at their offices, there may be a Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Party at the Playstation Store in San Francisco.

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BlackIceJoe4742d ago

Please be news of a FFVII remake. Plus it being at the Playstation store would make it that much sweeter if news of it comes out of this.

PlayStation3604742d ago

they won't say a word about a FFVII remake. But believe me, they know we want a remake. I'm sure they'll make one. If there is one in the works, they may bring it up in the next E3...or whatever they call that convention now. I, for one, hope they do remake it. I didn't get into FF until FFX. So I missed all the hype of VII, and I never played it. I would love playing it for the first time on the PS3.

Phantom_Lee4742d ago

I didn't know there is a playstation store....I wonder which rock did I just crawled out of it...

darkdoom30004742d ago

good old square!

I loved their games from when FF8 came out, for some bissare reason I liked 8 more than 7....yep...bissare...

Its probally cause before 7 there was 2d grafix so ppl got used to 3D so when 8 came out it wasnt as spectacular.......,

I bet if 6 was in 3d FF7 wouldnt be as popular...6 would be the killer...